Runestones for Red. Equipment, we tried them for you !

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  • Good morning, everyone!

    The release of our new equipment raised questions!

    Here are some examples of runestones that may or may not be crimped in red equipment!

    Runestones Name Weapon Shield Armor
    Lightning Array Resonance Stone Yes Yes Yes
    Ancient Resonance Stone of Thunder Yes Yes Yes
    Shining Stone of Ultimate Growth Yes Yes No
    Ancient Resonance Stone of Demon Explosion Yes Yes Yes
    Special Attack Runestone (VFS) Yes Yes No
    Standard Booster Runestone (VFS) No No No
    Ancient Blast Runestone (VFS) Yes No Yes
    Standard Scorn Runestone No No No
    Beginner Blast Runestone No No No
    Intermediate Speech Runestone No No No
    Dimensional Ignore Runestone (VFS) No No No
    Chaos Armor Runestone (Reincarnated map) No No No

    I hope that these examples, which should cover all types of runestones, help you to better understand them!

    If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask, you will have the answer within the next week (normally).

    More dedicated runestone will arrive in the future in the game!

    Reminder :

    • Red quality equipment is not reenchantable for the moment
    • Craftsman's Crystal Chisel are used to drill holes in red quality equipment