Haunting Sprite Tales

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    For the spirit of Halloween, the land of Sapheal hides only the darkest of tales. And the Moon Queen has grown quite tired of reading all those boring Creepypasta stories.

    Do not judge a book by its cover, even the cutest of characters can become our worst nightmares.


    Now it will be your turn to show how frightening of a tale lurks deep within your dark sprited mind.


    Below are 5 images, you must choose 1 of the prompts.

    Your task: Create a horror story based on the image. Be as scary as possible, must include the prompt's scene in some way.

    Prompt 1: https://imgur.com/9sdU9Wf

    Prompt 2: https://imgur.com/gI1n4uD

    Prompt 3: https://imgur.com/FYTaivI

    Prompt 4: https://imgur.com/faSrlSA

    Prompt 5: https://imgur.com/fZuDOr9

    [If you cannot see these ^ links please look at the example link: the images are also there]

    Your submission MUST be a shared google document link.

    1 Entry Per Player

    Multiple submissions will be disqualified

    No Swearing or Sexual Themes Allowed.

    You must have the following added to your post


    In Game Name: Tsuki

    Prompt #: 3


    DEADLINE: All Submissions are due by October 31st 2:00pm EST. Submit your entry on this forum page or on the #HauntingSpriteTales Discord tab.


    1st Place: GM Wish Title

    2nd Place: Combat Mount*

    3rd Place: Archive Costume*

    *CBM must be from current archive, none from new tier spending

    *Costume follows the same as above, any requests for VFS/CBT will be revoked.

    Have Fun and Best of Luck My Spritelings <3 [GS]Tsuki