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  • Yggdrasil is a way to give yourself as well as your guildmates additional buffs for the duration of a month. The buffs are different based on the level you have completed -- currently 5 levels are released as of March 2017 in the EN server. To access the Yggdrasil interface, you will need to open up the guild interface with [G] on your keyboard or click the button here on your bottom bar (check image below).

    Here are some basic information about the Yggdrasil function.

    The Yggdrasil Interface

    Please click for full sized image.

    • Guild Energy

      This is owned by the whole guild. You can consume the required guild energy to activate the Yggdrasil Secret Realm Instance. It automatically gets refilled at 7:00 every day. The higher your guild's level, the greater its maximum energy. The guild energy will also get supplemented when guild members obtain prestige, guild experience or complete special tasks in Yggdrasil Secret Realm Instances (ie timed events).

    • Yggdrasil Level Selector

      This is where you will be able to view all the currently available levels of Yggdrasil and basic information for them such as Guild Energy Consumption, Time Limit for Clearance and Clearance Reward Yggdrasil experience.

    • Yggdrasil Level Indicator

      Once an instance is cleared, you can receive Yggdrasil experience. The higher your Yggdrasil level, the more instances you can activate.

    • Activate the Secret Realm

      Players who have the right to activate the Yggdrasil can consume guild energy to activate the Yggdrasil Secret Realm Instance. In order to activate any instance, you will need to select a level via the Yggdrasil Level Selector and clicking the Activate button.

    • Enter

      Click to enter the Yggdrasil Secret Realm once activated.

    • Challenge // Ask for help!

      Click to send assist request to all guild members. This function can only be used once every 2 minutes.

    Other Miscellaneous Information

    • Buff refreshes first maintenance of every month

      After the first maintenance of each month, the buffs will be removed and reset and you will need to complete the Yggdrasil instances from level 1 up to acquire the buffs again.

    • Buffs will only stay within the guild

      Once you leave the guild you are in, the buff will disappear - it does not carry with you. In the same way, you will gain whatever Yggdrasil buff that a guild has when you enter it.

    • Timed events

      Each of the Yggdrasil instances will have their own timed event in addition to the main objective. Failing or not doing the timed event will not effect the passing or failing of the overall objective but will give you greater rewards should you pass the timed event as well. An example of a reward given by completing the timed events is a fraction of your guild energy used given back.

    • Time limits for each Yggdrasil instance

      Each of the instances have a 30-minute time frame in which you will have to finish the instance or fail it. Once you finish or leave the instance, there will be a 10 -minute cooldown period before you are able to activate it once more.

    Credits and Thank Yous

    • Thanks to the »Rebirth« guild for helping with the first part of the level 5 Yggdrasil, wouldn't have gotten this far into level 5 without your help!
    • Thanks to Crimsonited members for going through this level 100 times even though it was such a pain. An especially huge thanks to SayukiS2 for figuring out the less painful method for wave 2 of level 5. Also a huge thanks to QuezaIcoatl for the long hours spent helping me while I record all the information down. ;---;
    • Thanks to the Sacrosanct guild for allowing me to intrude on their Yggdrasil runs for the sake of the guide as well!
    • Thanks also to [GS]Love and TsukuyoChan for helping get the buff information from the TW server for levels 6, 7 and 8.

    Much love ♥

    And without further ado, here are the guides for each level!


  • Level 1, Forest Lost Realm

    There is only one wave for this level which sounds easy enough.. but wait! There are some things you will need to keep in mind.

    W a v e 1

    • Defeat Queen of the Forest Alice

    Defeating Queen of the Forest Alice is only just half of it - you will need to avoid the Poisonous Mushrooms that will spawn every time the timer on the top right of your screen goes off. These mushroom will spawn on top of all players and take a huge chunk of HP until the player dead on the ground so be sure to move whenever they spawn! There will also be Deadly Mushrooms that will spawn together 'hand-in-hand' hopping about. You will want to avoid those as well, they will be just as deadly.

    Timed event requirement: Defeat 20 Forest Giants. Since it is a timed event you do not have to complete it but of course, it will give you extra rewards if you do complete. Most do not actually do the timed event for this level since the Poisonous Mushroom spawns so often and does get hard to avoid.

    [Alice's Wilderness Blessing]

    • All abilities +15

    Level 2, Desert Lost Realm

    W a v e 1

    • Collect Magical Dust Energy x100

    Break Desert Bottles to collect [Magic Dust Energy] until you get x100. There will be Goblin Robber monsters scattered throughout as well but you can ignore them and go straight for the jugs.

    Timed event requirement: Do NOT kill the Goblin Robber monsters. If any are killed you will have failed the timed event.

    W a v e 2

    • Protect Huge Dust Rock for 300 seconds (5 minutes)

    Basically all you have to do it keep the Magic Dust Rock safe from the Goblin monsters that spawn either by mobbing them and running around or by killing them as they spawn. Please keep in mind that you must kill at least one Goblin monster every 30 seconds at least or else the timer will reset back to 300 seconds. The same will happen if you let the Magic Dust Rock get destroyed by the Goblin monsters - it will be reset back to 300 seconds and you will need to start the round again. Each time the Magic Dust Rock is reset, you will need to wait 30 seconds before it is spawned again.

    Timed event requirement: Defeat the Goblin monsters until you have killed 100 to finish this part of the timed event.

    W a v e 3

    • Defeat Sand Duke Tolon

    This wave will be fairly easy, you just need to defeat the boss, Sand Duke Tolon. However there will be a few things too keep in mind. Being too close to the Desert Storm Totems that will spawn and be scattered throughout the map will put you into perm stun until it disappears or is broken or moved by force (knock-back skills from another player). There will also be Dust Golems spawned as well but they will not do much to you.

    Tip: If you drag the boss to the right side of the map (where you spawn originally for any Yggdrasil instance), you will not be hindered by the Desert Storm Totems since they do not spawn that far out of the circle (as you can see on the map).

    Timed event requirement: Defeat the boss in 2 minutes time to pass this timed event. Also, killing a Dust Golem monster will make you fail the timed event so avoid them if you can!

    [Ronto's Blessing of Sand]

    • All abilities +15
    • Gained EXP +5%
  • Level 3, Prairie Lost Realm

    For this level, it is pretty straight forward. Keep in mind the notes for the timed events to save yourself some of the effort of having to wait longer for guild energy or having to farm it.

    W a v e 1

    • Defeat 100 Monsters

    Prairie Fairy, Prairie Fighter and Prairie Obsidian monsters will spawn. You will just need to kill them until you have killed 100 monsters total to proceed.

    Timed event requirement: You must kill all 100 monsters within 5 minutes.

    W a v e 2

    • Defeat Evil Soul x20

    Evil Soul (monsters) and Soul of Grassland Altar (orbs) will spawn for this wave. You will need defeat the Evil Soul in order to proceed.

    Timed event requirement: Do not let any of the Soul of Grassland Altar die (aka protect them).

    W a v e 3

    • Defeat Prairie Greatsword Guard
    • Defeat Prairie Spear Guard
    • Defeat Prairie Longbow Guard
    • Defeat Prairie Greatshield Guard

    Nothing special about this wave but beware, Prairie Greatshield Guard has reflect!

    Timed event requirement: You must kill all 4 guards within 1 minute. If they are not defeated in 1 minute, the final wave will still start but you will have failed the timed event.

    W a v e 4

    • Defeat Grassland Knight Bodor

    Pretty simple, just go for Grassland Knight Bodor and attack until it dies.

    Timed event requirement: Do not kill any of the Prairie Demon Spirit and Prairie Holy Wind monsters.

    [Bodor's Blessing of Grassland]

    • All abilities +15
    • Gained EXP +5%
    • Damage +3%
    • Physical and Magical Penetration +3%

    Level 4, Highland Lost Realm

    There will be 3 waves total for this. First wave you need to get Smulca down to 75% at least and then it will poof and spawn again and you will need to get to 50% this time. Once it gets down to about 50%, it will poof and spawn again for the third and last time. In this 3rd spawn you will just have to kill it.

    W a v e 1

    • Bring Highland Lord Smulca down to 75%

    There will be Frenzied Barbarian and Highland Snowman monsters that will spawn around Smulca. You will not want to target the Highland Snowman monsters (because of the timed event) but the Frenzied Barbarian will give you a buff [Bloodthirsty Breath]. This buff will allow you physical and magical penetration +1% for 5 minutes and it stacks up to 20 times! This will help you to kill the boss faster if you don't have the DPS for it. Note that killing it in a party will not effect the other members, each player will have to kill Frenzied Barbarian for their penetration buffs. This buff will carry over to wave 3 so if there are not enough members for DPS on, you can all get 20 stacks and it should help you get achieve the timed event for wave 3!

    Timed event requirement: Do not kill any Highland Snowman - killing one will result in the failure of this timed event.

    W a v e 2

    • Bring Highland Lord Smulca down to 50%

    Veteran Warrior monsters will spawn this time around and you not only cannot kill them, attacking them will also give you the debuff [Dissipate]. This debuff will reduce your defense and move speed -1 for up to a minute and stacks up to 50 times. Do not AOE, or you will get 50 stacks of this debuff!

    Timed event requirement: Do not kill any Veteran Warrior - killing one will result in the failure of this timed event.

    W a v e 3

    • Defeat Highland Lord Smulca

    Timed event requirement: You will need to complete this wave within 2 minutes to fulfill the conditions for this timed event.

    [Smulca's Blessing of Highland]

    • All abilities +5%
    • Gained EXP +5%
    • Damage +3%
    • Physical and Magical Penetration +3%
  • Level 5, Cemetery Lost Realm


    There will be three waves you will need to complete in order to finish this Yggdrasil instance. Waves 1 and 2 must be completed in order for you to kill Ewan in Wave 3. Each round except the first can be done one of two ways. The timed event has not been noted for this level due to us being unable to successfully complete it yet. Will be added at a later time once I can successfully complete it!

    W a v e 1

    • Defeat Skeletal Giant x5

    For the first wave you will have fiveSkeletal Giant and a handful of Undead Warrior monsters. The objective of this round is to defeat all five Skeletal Giant and the best way to do it is by dragging one of them at a time to the side and while taking all the Undead Warrior as well. You will need to defeat the Undead Warrior and in turn Deadly Flames will spawn. These Deadly Flames are deadly to both the Skeletal Giant and players alike. When the Deadly Flames tick and then die, they will inflict large amounts of damage to anything close by, including the Skeletal Giant. You will need multiple flames in order to be able to kill one Skeletal Giant. Once one is down, you repeat until all of the Skeletal Giant have been killed. And then starts Wave 2.

    Note: You can drag more than one Skeletal Giant at a time, but it would cause a lot of confusion since they do randomly pull players from one to another -- which is why it is better to do one at a time or two at most until you get the hang of this level Yggdrasil.

    W a v e 2

    • Defeat Undead Troll x3

    For this wave, there will be three Undead Troll and a bunch of Reanimated Corpse monsters. There will also be leftover Undead Warrior monsters as well. There will be 2 options for this round:

    • You can choose to do this wave the same way you've done the first wave and drag the Undead Trolls through the Deadly Flames after killing the Undead Warrior.


    • You can do the intended method. One or more players can keep the Undead Warrior from the rest of the players by taking malice and running around. Another player can kill the Reanimated Corpse which will give a buff that will allow their party members to hurt the Undead Trolls. The rest of the players will be attacking the Undead Troll until all of them are down.

    W a v e 3

    • Defeat Ewan

    In this wave, there is just one thing to kill - Ewan himself. You can always attempt to use the lovely Undead Warrior and their Deadly Flames to kill it or you can just attack it straight up while keeping an eye out for yell chat. Whenever yell chat says “The Voice of the Dead Echos in this realm!”, you can go to one of the Girl of the Cocytus NPCs stationed at the side of the dungeon (left from where you enter) and ask for help. This will give you a small buff to help you kill Ewan but overall you will just need a bunch of DPS to complete this wave. Keep in mind each time you have talked to one of the girls and ask for help, it will disappear so you will only have a certain amount of time you can use their help.

    Note: Keep an eye on the time. Levels 1 to 4 of Yggdrasil has been fairly easy up until now so it will be easy to forget about the 30-minute time given for each level once activated.


    [Ewan's Blessing of Ghost]

    • All abilities +5%
    • Gained EXP +8%
    • Damage +3%
    • Physical and Magical Penetration +3%


    Level 6, guide coming soon



    [Lv6 buff - unnamed]

    • All abilities +5%
    • Gained EXP +8%
    • Damage +5%
    • Physical and Magical Penetration +5%