PvP Rules defined

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  • Hello everyone,

    In an attempt to enhance your PvP and gaming experience, we have worked on some rules to bring some clarity in what is allowed and what isn't.

    Please keep in mind that we are an active community and rules can change at any time. In case of a rule change, we will post an update to this thread to keep you informed.

    Not allowed:

    • Dual logging is not allowed in any of the following: any of the 3 arena, Territory War, Guild War, Trial Maze, Hall of Judgment.
    • Kill Trading is not allowed in any type of arena. It is considered an exploit and will be handled accordingly.
    • Crystal Swapping between 2 or more players is not allowed. It is considered an exploit and will be handled accordingly.
    • Rigged matches Rigging matches is not allowed. This means an agreement between teams to allow the other side to win is considered ranking manipulation and exploitation.
    • Bad language Players are not forced to endure insults and rage messages. While taunting in itself is not forbidden, please keep in mind that repeated taunting of a player can easily turn into harassment and will be treated as such.
    • Anti-game Regularly, we can see players who, being in opposite teams, but part of the same guild, or being friends and lovers, give favorable treatment in arena. This kind of behaviour is considered unsportsmanlike conduct and is punishable! Similarly for the exchange of crystals with the opposing team!
    • Harassment Some players who get killed regularly tend to threaten other players. Threatening players or making repeated taunts is primarily harassment and is obviously subject to a penalty.
    • Buffs Some players get buffs from other players higher level than them, before entering arena. For example a 80 Prophet giving attack, defense and critical rate buffs on a lvl 40. This is not allowed. Do not enter arena with buffs from players that are in a different level bracket than you are. This does not apply for lover buffs.


    • Ganking If more players decide to team up and kill someone from the opposing team, that is allowed. If you do not want to find yourself in this situation, then arenas are not made for you! Also, if you only want to face one player at a time, you are reminded that you have at your disposal the "challenge to a duel" option, when you click on a player.
    • Pulling and pushing Player can aquire some skill to push or to pull their opponents, or doing so with the use of certain weapons. It is true that it’s not always pretty but still, this is not sanctionable! This also applies if someone gets pulled or pushed within the range of guardian bits in Kaslow Guild War.
    • Rooting and bit spamming They are both allowed. For example chain locking a player near a crystal that is about to explode in Sprite Battlefield, or rooting a players that got Dragon buff in Hellfire Battleground.
    • Spawn killing/camping is something the players are responsible for themselves. After spawning, a buff is applied to the player that should allow them to get to a safe location in time.


  • What about afking in arena?

    What if a player is trying to farm points for a pvp set to become strong later in the game, but doesn't want to invest op armor at their current level (Eg. Lv80 SS farming their lv100 pvp set) and doesn't plan to camp a level for long?

    Other players can easily kill them which can be frustrating so they may as well afk.

    Would their options be to afk and get reported?

    Or would they go fight anyways and be reported for being a feeder?

    Surely, one can invest $ to the most updated armor and fortifications for the bracket, but why would they if they don't plan to stay that level for long?

  • You can't be reported for being a feeder if you're getting killed for your armour being too weak.

    Maybe your teammates will be annoyed but that'll be it.

  • My take in this is that intentional afk'ing is considered anti-game. For example: the teams are balanced, the round could go either way, and the player in question has a reasonable impact in helping his/her team succeed. If that player still chooses (emphasis on the word "choose") to afk, then it falls under anti-game since he/she is purposely allowing the other team to gain an advantage.

    Though I am not sure how someone can go about reporting such behavior. It seems difficult to prove unless it's being done consistently.