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  • Dear Messengers,

    We have some juicy news for you today!

    The NEW CLASSES are finally coming! We cannot give you an exact date, but we can tell you that they're going to be here before this summer! Our Game Team, Developers and Localization Team are working on it as I write this to you! So it's getting closer and closer!

    We want to be transparent with our future game content and future updates, in the next few weeks/months we will receive some bug fixes and some new tools/items to balance the penetration damage system and resolve the frozen mastery system issue. We are looking forward to them, but we know that many of you are curious about the new "Planeswalker'' class and that's the reason behind this post!

    Our ''beloved'' PM Morgoth and the whole team have decided that it's your time to shine and be the ones to decide the new class (and his branches) names!

    You can take part in the developing of Grand Fantasia and help make the HISTORY of this game by helping us choose all of the names we need for these new classes!

    Here we will post the names of these classes in the Taiwanese version of GF (Thanks to X-Legend, the Taiwanese developer of the game), you will see the literal translation of the name in English alongside them, just to give you a reference ;P

    So you will have to find a super idea for the names for:

    * x2 Main class first evolution: "APPRENTICE TRAVELER" > "TRAVELER"
    * x4 First specializations sub-classes evolution: Demimaster > Occultist > Saint's Soul > Otherworld Hermit

    * x4 Second specializations sub-classes evolution: Chronomaster > Augurer > Meditator's Soul > Plunderer


    NEW_CLASS_01.jpg > Check the Original names!
    NEW_CLASS_02.jpg > Image to download + type your names in the boxes!!

    IMPORTANT: Remember you can only submit 1 name to us for each of the class changes! So you can submit a total of 10 names! We may not choose any of your names, or we could choose 1 or even more! Please submit your proposals ONLY with the use of the image provided (you can use Paint, Photoshop or any other image editor for it!). Send it back in .jpg or .png please!

    > Then send it back by replying to this thread, remember only proposals are allowed here don't use this thread for comments, or we will delete the extra ones! You will receive a special reward for each one of your names that we choose! <3

    To help you get a better understanding of the new classes, here are the images :) and official explanations:

    One specialization is connected with Space/Dimension manipulation:

    "Able to control a space force that can be used to learn advanced magic skills, as well as the user's knife skills too.

    Strengthen melee mage's own Physical Fitness.

    Use of space superiority, to attack the enemy, with damage reduction feature.

    Completely liberated magic strength."

    The other specialization is connected with Time manipulation:

    "Able to grasp the power of time, you can also learn advanced magic crystal key skills.

    Complementary skills and diverse remote Master with summons -- magic crystal dolls

    use the time advantage and enhance various speeds suppress enemy

    completely liberated magic crystal power."

    Video from X-Legend:

  • 見習旅人 (Lv5) - Wanderer - someone who walks aimlessly

    旅人 (Lv16) Traveler - someone who goes to a specific destination

    虚空者 (Lv31) - Void Runner

    幻宇者 (Lv66) - Occultist

    寂域者 (Lv86) - Dimensionalist

    威界隱者 (Lv91) - Planeswalker - an omnipresence with the legendary capabilities of spatial manipulation and distortion of all dimensional planes.

    御時者 (Lv31) - Time Traveler - can move between moments in time

    時庙者 (Lv66) - Chronomancer - has the magical ability to manipulate time

    靜諭者 (Lv86) - Timekeeper

    絕劫行者 (Lv91) - Chronoshifter

    -will edit later-

  • 見習旅人 (Lv5): Adventurer

    旅人 (Lv16): Apprentice

    虚空者 (Lv31): Claymore ------------------------------------------ 御時者 (Lv31): Apostle
    幻宇者 (Lv66): Reaper ---------------------------------------------- 時庙者 (Lv66): Spellbinder

    寂域者 (Lv86): Blade Master ------------------------------------- 靜諭者 (Lv86): Peace Keeper
    威界隱者 (Lv91): Phantom ---------------------------------------- 絕劫行者 (Lv91): Nymph

    Adventurer - Young travelers head out from where ever seeking thrills and discovering mysterious things all over the world. Curiosity.

    Apprentice - Having seen enough of the world, you now decide to take a path in which you must decide should you ravage and rule the wretched world you reside in, or save and heal the plagued world unhabited by such individuals. You can only choose one path and turn away from the other. Essentially the path to chaos and ruin or the path to peace and upholding it. The path and choice is yours to make.

    Claymore - Is refered to the two-hand sword as well your only "companian" in which you trust.

    Reaper - Able to cut / "reap" through and distort even space itself. The power to distort space itself.

    Blade Master - Fully mastered the art of the individual's skill of space time control.

    Phantom - An appearance or illusion without material substance, as a dreamimage, mirage, or optical illusion. As you are able to literally cut / "reap" through space itself, there will be no such thing as material substance. When cutting through space or into a different dimension many will only brush is off as a mere mirage or illusion.
    In supernatural myths/instances, a Phantom is most commonly known as a ghost, apparition, spirit, specter,etc all who which can distort space in some ways such as teleportation.

    Apostle - A pioneer of any reform movement. Reform being change. Change meaning "redo". A pioneer being able to turn back time to change mistakes or anything it deems must be reformed.

    Spellbinder - Spellbind is to hold or bind by or as if by a spell; enchant; entrance; fascinate. To bind the present with a great magical spell in order to transport back to the past or transport oneself to the future from the present.

    Peacekeeper - An individual who keeps chaos at shore. Having been traveling between the past , present, and future, fixing all mistakes made the inhabitants, the world is now in a state of semi-permanent peace and it is your duty to uphold it.

    Nymph - In mythology nymphs are different from other godesses, nymphs are generally regarded as divine spirits, they would never die of old age nor illness. As the ruler of time itself, you will be the one being in which are able to revert your age / sickness to the time in which it never happened upon you and practically live eternally. The eternal duty of upholding the peace in which you've aquired.

  • So it's no secret that Nyx and I have been talking about new class names for awhile now.

    Some of our opinions are going to overlap, but I decided to also post for the sake of getting more names out there.


    Wanderer - Somebody who moves aimlessly with no sense of direction.

    Traveler - The ability to travel from one place to another, the sense of direction has been refined.


    Chloromancer - 'Chloro' means 'Space', 'Mancer' means to manipulate; 'Mancer' is a term usually given to those currently learning about their particular element (a la Necromancer in Grand Fantasia).

    Space Ruler - Now beyond purely manipulating the space element, as implied via 'Ruler', this class now has complete control over it. (Also ruler is very similar 'Lord' a la the existing 'Demonlord' class in Grand Fantasia, and is in the same spot.)

    Dimensionalist - 'Dimensional' literally meaning relating to alternate dimensions in space and 'ist' being a suffix that is used for somebody who is within a specific field of work (along the lines of an expert).

    The class has exceeded controlling a single space, to controlling space in alternate dimensions.

    Planeswalker - 'Plane' being a level of existance, and 'Walker' to imply the ability to freely travel there.

    Once again keeping the 'Wandering/Traveling' aspect of the first 2 classes.

    'Planeswalker' is a well established RPG class and the highest title given to those who harness Space-Magic.

    A Planeswalker is easily able to travel to difference planes of existance (Dimensions) without any trouble at all.


    Chronomancer - 'Chloro' means 'Time', 'Mancer' means to manipulate; 'Mancer' is a term usually given to those learning about their particular element (a la Necromancer in Grand Fantasia). Also a well established RPG class.

    Time Traveler - The ability to travel through time, a continuation of the 'Wandering/Traveling trait of the first 2 classes' but now have further honed their abilities beyond just manipulation

    'Time Lord' could also fit in this spot, as it mirrors the 'Space Ruler' in the other classes tree (Ruler/Lord), and also the 'Shadowlord' in the same spot as the Necromancer class tree - please note that this isn't the suggestion I went with, rather a suggestion as to where to put it if that name were to be used.

    Temporalist - Temporal meaning 'Related to time' and 'ist' being a suffix that is used for somebody who is within a specific field of work (along the lines of an expert).

    Chronoshifter - 'Chrono' again meaning 'Time', 'Shifter' meaning to freely travel (within different times), keeping the Wandering/Traveling aspect of the first 2 classes.

    Of these, the only 2 I am not 100% on are the 'Space Ruler' and 'Chronoshifter', but there are not nearly enough time related words to have each time related class have a different prefix, and 'Chronoshifter' is fairly close to 'Planeswalker' in relation.

    My only gripe with 'Space Ruler' is the lack of relation to the Wandering/Traveling theme of the suffix, but 'Spacewalker' is too close to 'Planeswalker' for my liking and 'Space Runner' didn't sound right.

    I think it's important to have both sides be literally 'Time' & 'Space' in name at the same time.

  • 見習旅人 Level 5 - Explorer

    旅人 Lvl 16 - Nomad

    虚空者 Lvl 31 VoidDancer

    幻宇者 Lvl 66 DimensionShifter

    寂域者Lvl 86- Spacial Slasher

    威界隱者 Lvl 91 - FreeLancer

    御時者 Lvl 31 - TimeVoyager

    時庙者 Lvl 66-TimeTurner

    靜諭者 Lvl- 86 Chronos Keeper

    絕劫行者 Lvl - 91 Immortalist

  • 見習旅人 (Lv5) - Apprentice Traveler

    旅人 (Lv16) Traveler -

    虚空者 (Lv31) - Demimaster

    幻宇者 (Lv66) - Astrologist

    寂域者 (Lv86) - Planeregent

    威界隱者 (Lv91) - Voidmaster

    御時者 (Lv31) - Keymaster

    時庙者 (Lv66) - Occultist

    靜諭者 (Lv86) - Timeregent

    絕劫行者 (Lv91) - Chronomaster

  • FTFY

    But in all seriousness this is as good as it gets. Go Nyx!

  • Would like to say im sorry if my ideas over lap with others, i didn't bother to read what everyone else put. Sorry QQ - Also please make a tardis mount :D

    見習旅人 (Lv5) - Wander

    旅人 (Lv16) - Vagabond

    虚空者 (Lv31) - Samurai

    幻宇者 (Lv66) - Shogun

    寂域者 (Lv86) - Void Walker

    威界隱者 (Lv91) - Voidmaster

    御時者 (Lv31) - Keybarer

    時庙者 (Lv66) - Keymaster

    靜諭者 (Lv86) - Chronomancer

    絕劫行者 (Lv91) - TimeLord

  • LV6 - Explorer

    LV16 - Reaver

    LV31 - Blademaster

    LV66 - Dimensionalist

    LV86 - Abyss Walker

    LV91 - Overlord

    LV31 - Illusionist

    LV66 - Timelord

    LV86 - Diviner

    LV91 - Celestial

    Dracono - Moonlight - Sanctum Server

  • Lvl 6 - Venturer - Someone undertanking something quite unsure and adventures

    Lvl 16 - Occultist - Believer in the Supernatural, mysterious agencies

    Lvl 31 - Abyss walker - Our venturer starts to walk into the Abyss of the unknown world spaces.

    Lvl 66 - Dimensionalist - Our venturer starts to learn about the rule and control over different dimensions

    Lvl 86 - Void Disruptor - Our venturer starts to gain control over the emptyness of infernal space, and can disrupt it!

    Lvl 91 - Rift Reaper - Our venturer is the most powerfull being in the control over space and dimensions.

    Lvl 31 - Phase Walker - Our venturer starts to walk the path of time and explores it.

    Lvl 66 - Chronomancer - Our venturer starts to master the manipulation of time.

    Lvl 86 - Time Redeemer - Our venturer starts to gain control over manipulation over lost times.

    Lvl 91 - Continuum Conquerer - Our venturer gains control over the time continuum; past, present and future times!

  • (Lv5) - Traveler

    (Lv16) - Keyblade

    (Lv31) - Summoner / Wanderer

    (Lv66) - Ventriloquist / Ronin

    (Lv86) - RuneCaster / Geas

    (Lv91) - VoidWalker / Vanquisher

  • Level 6: Backpacker

    Level 16: Globetrotter

    Level 31 - Astralwalker

    Level 66 - Spatialist

    Level 86 - Rift Reaper

    Level 91 - Starseeker

    Level 31 - Timekeeper

    Level 66 - Temporalist

    Level 86 - Time Redeemer

    Level 91 - Oathkeeper

  • Taking a crack on what could be the new class names. I really tried to go back to relate them back to the class descriptions. Good luck to all and hope someones names get picked !

  • Galz and boiz,

    Thanks a lot for the current names...


    However, you have until Friday 23th to give us your Class' name ideas!!!

    No answers after Friday will be validated :/

    ---- oopsies


  • *give it a try because why not?*


    Lv6 - Explorer > Lv16 - Drifter

    (1) Lv31 - Hollowcaster > Lv66 - Phantasmist > Lv86 - Realm Seeker > Lv91 Calamity Envoy

    (2) Lv31 - Chronologist > Lv66 - Aeon > Lv86 - Diviner > Lv91 Hallow

  • hmmmm lets think of legit names not the silly nonsense above:

    1st class:

    1. Pre-Broken.

    2. Almost-Broken.

    3. Broken.

    4. God.

    2nd class:

    1. Dies to PP.

    2. Dies to Druid.

    3. Dies to Shinigami.

    4. Dies to Avatar.

    Seems about right ;)                            

  • Hi everyone,

    Here are the new classes names chosen by the GF team through your proposals ow
    You did a great job and we thank you for your involvement!

    Here are the FINAL NAMES which will be published with the release of the Classes:

    The second good news is... You all won something with this little competition:

    The grand winners are the players who created a super cool names that the team chose in the final edition!

    Each person who find a chosen name will win a really special prize on the day of the release of the new classes!! :) we will keep you tuned of course.

    Please answer to this Thread and give us your character name in GF (no account information)!

    Here are the Big Winners:

    • Nyx for the names > Wanderer/Void Runner/Dimensionalist/Time Traveler/Chronoshifter
    • Aeju for the names > Reaper/Phantom
    • Darkshade for the names > Wanderer/Dimensionalist/Chronomancer/Chronoshifter/Time Traveler
    • Northrium for the name > Key Master
    • hopeflow for the name > Drifter
    • Kitty for the name > Chronomancer/Key Master
    • Jun for the name > Dimensionalist
    • iGeneric for the name > Dimensionalist/Chronomancer
    • Spikerip for the name > Wanderer
    • Kyuukon for the name > Drifter/Chronomancer

    Here are the Participation-Winners, you all give us valid names (with the image included) but we did not chose the names proposed. Please answer to this Thread and give us your character name in GF (no account information)! and you will receive a smaller prize soon:

    • SilkyDevil
    • Northrium
    • Spiriteon
    • Debbles

    wizard Bravo everyone :p