[Guide] Hall of Judgement

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    Bored with Elf or Hellfire arena? Think White Sands is horrible? Does Trial Maze's FFA just not have the same kick it used to?

    Well, you might want to check into this new arena, the Hall of Judgement, and see if it suits your tastes.

    As implied by the title, it is, in fact, a 1v1 arena, where you'll duel with one other player in a best 3 out of 5 bout to determine the winner. It also has its own new, separate fame from Saphael's Heart that, as of now, is called "Class Reputation." But more on that and what you get out of it later.

    How to join:

    Right now, Hall of Judgement is a timed arena not too much unlike Trial Maze. You can only join during three specific timeframes of the day. Current times are:




    All times are in EST. If you don't know the current time, you can check here.

    However, unlike Trial Maze, you can join any number of times after losing. As for how you join, it's the same as every other arena, just use the prompt on the top right


    Also unlike Trial Maze, it's bracket based just like normal arena's, so 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-70, 71-80 and 81-90.

    So now I'm inside, what now?

    Well first, you'll be teleported to a little room with a single NPC in it(either Diana or Nadai, doesn't matter which - they'll give you the same options regardless).

    From here you can talk to them and get this prompt:


    First option is the "encouragement" option. Here's the skinny on it; you can only claim this option after being sent back after a tie or a loss, and it can stack up to 4 times. The buff will give you:

    +5% patk, +5% ratk, +5% matk, +5% crit, +5% mcrit, +5% hit, +5% def, +5% mdef, +5 EVA and+10 movespeed.

    And no, you didn't read that wrong. It gives you all of that. And it can be stacked up to four times.

    The second option on the NPC just explains the third, which I'll also do for you right now.

    Adjusting your health:

    Selecting this option brings up this prompt


    Now, one very important thing to note about this, is that whatever number you put into this box will be the % of your maximum health you are set at. If you put in 1%, you will start with 1% of your total maximum health(and it's set; you're not going to be at 5hp/500hp, you'll be at 5hp/5hp), likewise if you put it at 50% you'll be at 50% your maximum health, and so on.

    But why would I want to lower my maximum health?

    Good question. Well, as it turns out, you get more fame for winning with a lower maximum health. Think of it as... a reward for accepting a handicap.

    So, now that you know about all that, it's finally kicked you into the arena.

    What happens inside the arena?

    Well, presumably, you kill or be killed. And if you're actually asking, it'll likely be the latter. But whatever, let's carry on with the explanation.

    You'll be placed on the opposite side of your selected opponent. And your job is to kill them to death.

    Got it?


    No you don't.

    There's some special neat-o cool tricks you have access to.

    Some crystals will spawn around the arena throughout the match. Here's what they look like, and a rough description of what they'll do for you:


    And now you've got it.

    So, now that that's explained, I'll repeat that this duel to the death is best 3 of 5 and if you win all 3 of yours in a row you get a fame bonus. In the event of your demise or a draw, you'll be teleported back to that first room where you can talk to Diana or Nadai to adjust your health and/or acquire their sweet, sweet buffs.

    Beyond that, there's not much explanation needed.

    So, instead, I'll be moving on to, you guessed it, new fame rankings.


    New rankings and new titles!

    Yeah. I'm sure you knew that the rankings bit were coming. But new titles too?!?!

    Yep. It's all there.

    Rankings are simple. There's one for each class tree(for example, the first one is for Berserker, Warlord and Deathknight), and they simply go by who's gotten the most fame within the months timeframe. But that's the boring part.

    The exciting part are the new titles. There's five of them. And they're really rather special.

    They're limited. You'll only have the title until the next monthly ranking reset, which you'll then have it removed from you and have it redistributed elsewhere.

    They're also pink, if you're into that sort of thing.

    But enough of all that, what do they do?

    Well. I guess I'll explain that all in one big set of bullet points.

    • Ranked 51-100: Actually all you get is a title. It doesn't do anything neat or snazzy. It's just a title, and it's pink.
    • Ranked 11-50: +2% def and mdef, +4% movespeed
    • Ranked 4-10: +3% hit rate, +3% def and mdef, +3% EVA, +6% movespeed
    • Ranked 2nd or 3rd: +4% hit rate, +4% physical and magical crit rate, +4% def and mdef, +4% EVA, +8% movespeed
    • Ranked 1st: +5% hit rate, +5% physical attack and ranged attack, +5% magic attack, +5% physical and magical crit rate, +5% def and mdef, +5% EVA, +10% movespeed

    So, that satiate you?

    Yeah, they're slightly ridiculous. But I'll also remind that it resets once a month and only a set number of players per class will have those titles.