Mechanical Class Overview

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    The information will be posted on google excel mainly just so it can be altered easily, and can be accessed even when the forums are down. Please help by adding additional information that is not already in the sheets so we can help complete all the information via replies to this post, thank you! Any information, small or large will be helpful so don't be shy. ~

    Also, information are on tabs so be sure to look down!

    Credits (from original post):

    • original post I took a lot of the the information from - thank you KurysFlame
    • _SugarKing_: for the massive list of talents, sprites, and sprite gear.
    • CBWX / GFWT_Roryn: help with tomes and their locations
    • michelleurs: mecha set bonuses, mecha weapons (via wiki)
    • Izuki.: masteries

    Also thanks to the following for contributing more to the excel:

    • QuezaIcoatl - IGN
    • 200kCSPOTS - IGN
    • xZoeyx - IGN
    • [GS]Hansel - IGN
    • Taigun / lshan - IGN / walmazi - forum name
    • Trollium - forum name
  • Updates:

    • 02/09

      Set Bonuses for mecha-class armor completed (pvp, gvg, sprite, alchemy)

      ☛ additional mobs added to the Tomes tab

      Power Stones tab added and filled in

    • 02/10

      ☛ lv91 gunner masters now added, Masters tab completed

      ☛ some more confirmed mobs for Talents and Tomes added

    • 02/11

      Ancient Talents tab completed, it seems that Crusher Modification 3 and Core Modification 3 are not from drops so if anyone knows what NPC sells it please let me know (unless it just doesn't exist yet in-game)

      Talents tab completed with the exception of the missing lv6 blueprints, which may not be available yet in-game

      Tome tab completed, it is the full list

      ** Most mobs have a map/dungeon initial next to it. Those without one either we haven't checked yet OR it is a final boss kill from a map chain quest.

      ☛ huge thanks to walmazi for working with me on all this information!

    •   02/17

      ☛ Sorry for the mistake on the drops for Ancient Talents tab: Movement Interference 1, Critical Recharging 1, Fission Interference 1 and Critical Regeneration 1 - the mobs are from Phoenix Tower, not Mutated Phoenix Tower. Thanks to walmazi for pointing it out!

      ☛ Slightly updated the Sprite tab's drop list, will work on it slowly in the coming weeks!

    • 02/27

      ☛ Updated the Sprites tab more with more confirmed mobs thanks to Hansel's thread.

    • 03/04

      ☛ Mobs for Sun talent level 4 added; Talents tab should be complete for mob drops.

      Talent Combo tab added in, Engineer branch added. Gunner branch also added thanks to [GS]Taigun. They have also been double checked. Talent Combo tab completed!

    • 04/06

      ☛ Mobs drop list for Talents and Ancient Talents organized by maps now! Should make it easier for those of you who got confused.

      ☛ The Power Stones tab should be completed now!

    • 04/08

      ☛ All mecha related sprites have been added to the sheet! Also organized all mobs by map and doubled checked the level for several sprites. The levels highlighted in green still need verification on whether or not its the correct level summon, so if you know any of them please do let me know! Sprites tab almost complete! ~