bug destroyer skills and bad translation sets (for nyx)

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  • Nyx, I don't know where it should send and how to do a bug report for this hope that you will send it where necessary :)

    the first the problem this a skill (War Scar Lv91) destroyer

    second problem this a skill (Cruel Will 3 Lv100) destroyer

    The problem with these skills is that they are displayed in debuff bar. They can be removed using 70-80 GW shield or 65 yellow shield and also by applying a cleansing spell. Server x-legend both skill are buff and cannot be cleaned. video with an example of how it should work correctly

    There is also a problem with translating sets

    Taro - Emperor's

    4-piece Set Bonus: 15% chance of causing triple damage when attacking

    Gain "Light of Royal Family" effect when attacking

    Light of Royal Family: Physical Critical Attack +3% for 6 seconds

    This effect can stack up to 5 times at most.

    Error in translation Physical Critical Attack +3%

    that's right, he gives Physical Attack +3%

    also, there is the problem of translation Ravaging Destroyer's 100lvl yellow set destroyer

    4-Piece Set Bonus: 25% chance for attacks to inflict double damage

    Physical damage +20% when axe is equipped

    that's right, he gives Physical critical hit damage of axe +20%

    For beginners, this can be a critical error when choosing a set so I think need to fix this soon.

    sorry for bad english bag