Forum UI Improvements! Please!

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  • FINALLY, THE FORUM LOOKS MODERN. But guys, we could really use some forum ui improvements.

    • Please lose the blurred UI components, I can guarantee a lot of gamers are already blind as it is, we don't need more blindness inducing user interface.
    • Evenly padded margins for containers.
    • Maybe something like the image below? Use containers instead of lines to separate forums.
    • Obviously retain the cutesy icons we have atm, I do actually like those.
    • I had no motivation to actually crop user avatars so you'll have to deal with the blue circle.


    Will edit to preview the lower bit.

  • Definitely the upper blurry bar can be improved. I took some time to realize that there are some controls which could easily pass unnoticed over there.

  • Another improvement could be the change of the color of our:


    Likes Recieved


    To a darker or brighter color to make it easier to read.

    Now its gray in gray.

  • This. The name thing, it's so hard for me to read. Really big strain on my eyes.