Why Siwa needs a tiered spender

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  • It is my opinion that Siwa would be better with a tiered spender and here is why.

    Money, Airea is a for profit company and if the game does not make enough money it will be shut down. Tiered spender works or it would not be in all their other games.

    It makes game more attractive I like to get the most bang for my buck. Lack of a tiered spender is why I went back to Sanctum and so did several others.

    Better economy Law of supply and demand means more supply equals cheaper prices. People sell their unwanted tiered spender items in AH. And with 50 M-clay for spending just 399 AP it means more stuff from the clay tables. (personally I think anyone who plays GF long term should do the recurring AP even if just $5. Then you can do the tables to get stuff to sell and have the gold to buy what you need.} An example is the lacy maid outfit which at 1 point went for as little as 1500 gold on Sanctum, while on Siwa it was 4000 or more. So having a tiered spender actually helps free players by lowering prices.

    So if you want Siwa to survive and players to have a better experince then give them a tiered spender.

  • I don't know the intention of Siwa anymore (given the mixed signals - loyalty rewards but a spam of very high value items), however i'm sure the response you'll given is that Siwa isn't designed that way and that it's a simpler server; item access is harder but levelling is easier (thanks to the base boost the server has).

  • I don't know the intention of Siwa anymore (given the mixed signals - loyalty rewards but a spam of very high value items), however i'm sure the response you'll given is that Siwa isn't designed that way and that it's a simpler server; item access is harder but levelling is easier (thanks to the base boost the server has).

    I guess the intention is simple as: Make money.

  • Yes Siwa needs more players, but a tiered spender would help retain players by making it easier to get helpful things like backpacks, mounts, gia blessing crystals, costumes, and other items that make the game more fun. I want to have what I need to enjoy the journey rather than rush to the end and find I am not properly equipped.

  • I think that siwa is just a test for an universal merge. Perhaps for this reason they don't add a tiered spender.

    Once I've tought that, but I'm unsure of that. Do you think that they would merge all in one server?

    But if Siwa doesn't have the tiered spender, it might be not a bad idea to create one, even if it is a test to a global merge.

  • This is a very one-sided way of thinking as you're not considering the long-term effects of having a TS.

    Not everyone spends or can spend on AP

    It would, in time, just end up creating gaps between spenders and non-spenders (*cough Sanctum Cough*)

    TBH i dont even know why they even bothered to make a new server at this point considering all it ended up doing was thinning the herd (that was already half dead to begin with). Now we're just left with the original server (Sanctum) and another server (Siwa) which was hailed to be a newb-friendly server but with the lack of effort, just became Sanctum 2.0.

    But yeah...Siwa doesnt need a TS. It needed to be implemented right in the first place but i guess they kind of threw the term "planning" out the window. And im sure they weighed the pros and cons of having a TS in Siwa before release in the first place and stuck it through with not having one, despite knowing that not having a TS would hurt their pockets...right? @_@

  • It's a very good point of view. Made me think twice

  • Not a fan of TS idea tbh, as it gives paying players a big advantage and puts pressure on people to spend money in the game when its not even needed, especially on Siwa.

    I would love to see a Loyalty Shop instead (like the one in AK), eventho chances of this happening is rather low.

    I think easiest fix to lack of certain items in the short term is improving the clay tables (which players should push for with the new rules coming soon) and GS events (we just got 3 new gs's so this can easily be done).

  • I think there is already a gap between spenders and non spenders on Siwa. And how do non spenders get clays without spending money? I had expected a loyalty point system but this did not happen. Unless you make major changes to cash shop there will be a gap between spenders and non spenders. I just want to get the most bang for my buck. And as i pointed out before the tiered spender helps non spenders by increasing supply and thus making things more affordable.

  • It's as Lionheart says, ultimately TS does increase the total amount of items for Spenders and Non-Spenders at the end of the day.

    A spender will inevitably have to take items they don't need on the TS to sell (especially between T2 - GM Wish) and these items will end up on the market to people who don't buy ap, I've been on both the buying and free side of this.

    This is usually different to mclays because with mclays the buyer has the discretion to use or trade mclays for items they want. Mclays also can be used only on tables with items only they desire and therefore doesn't necessarily bring any value to new players.

    Barcode is not too far off the mark either; Siwa would actually have done fine if they had kept the Levelling Rewards for all the brackets. However these were removed + no spending incentives + no TS = state that Siwa is in atm.

  • Mclays also add to the economy since it is a gamble and you often get stuff you do not want. If they really want to help non spenders how about making the day 7 reward 10 Mclay. This would be minimal work and let free players get some of the cool stuff.

  • I highly disagree with that last suggestions.

    The 7th day reward already has an important purpose concerning archive items. People quit when they get stuff for minimal work.

  • Just an update, checked AH in Siwa and there were only 2 costumes for sale and both were temporary, while on Sanctum there were over 20. There were only 2 backpacks and none were sprite backpacks which are not available in cash shop. So free players have little chance to get costumes or backpacks. So if you want to level up as fast as possible and do not mind spending cash go for Siwa. otherwise you are better off with Sanctum.

  • Siwa was a dump thing to do from the start all it done was split the population and make current servers a little more dead. A merge is always what has been needed and as I mentioned at the very start it was simply to make money and possible test the waters for a universal merge in the future.

  • its ok even siwa isn't crowded like sanctum....
    crowded didn't mean better....
    we have much team to kill all world boss.thats enough....
    just enjoy the game....

  • Siwa doesn't need TS it needs players and items in the auction house. Compare Siwa AH to Sanctum AH. Sanctum has like 5 times the page compared to Siwa. The least the GM can do is add items into the AH if they're not planning to get a TS. We need players to come into Siwa and need items so we can level up and farm.