Best 91-100 PvP Players

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  • I would like to restore this thread from the old forum. Give us your thoughts about the best PvPer in your bracket per class! :)

  • Dest: -

    Holy Knight:

    Predator: Yukine

    Shinobi: Ryozo, Osamaqash

    Archangel: Frannie, NoCure

    Druid: rip zonanzy

    Warlock: Faked,

    Shinigami: xMorigan is nice to have on your team because she is very fast at ending arena. ARmango.

    Artillerist: Excadrill

    Mechmaster: Mordex, Aryzo, Realize, Optix, Shyxor, JJHiistory and like 100 more

  • Watching this thread because I'm still super new at 100 pvp. OwO

    People are saying I'm here making lists, I'm not. Im just watching the thread so I can see who to look out for. >:[

  • Dest: rip dk, maybe we can say hansel but i dont see him really active in pvp

    Holy Knight: rip hk too, but as hansel, we can say Karel

    Predator: no one, ppl just try to max evade but still easy to kill

    Shinobi: ryozo

    Archangel: ahahahahahah

    Druid: ahahahahaha

    Warlock: ahahahaha, maybe we can say swizzie but, as karel and hans, he is not active

    Shinigami: meh, honami but cuz there are few Shini 100

    Artillerist: ahahahaha

    Mechmaster: really easy to play, jusy up crit regeneration and you are like a god. Actually any lvl 100 MM with pvp set is op rofl.

  • From the last 1-2 months:

    Destroyer: iRageQuit

    Holy Knight: Mosia (although very rarely seen!)

    Predator: MiracleArrow

    Shinobi: Ryozo (my favorite duo partner!) and Seloria

    Archangel: Aenami, xBaby, and Reptar (for seeing him once this month, RIP LOVER ;~;)

    Druid: AhPanDuh and Interstellar by default, haven't seen any others active

    Warlock: xChaotic and Faked

    Shinigami: Samurai22, ARmang0, and Honamii

    Artillerist: Extinct class; have to give props to Excadrill and Yasui for trying to pump some life into it!

    Mechmaster: JJHiistory, Shyxor, Optix, and Mordex

    These names are off the top of my head, I apologize if I missed anyone deserving to be mentioned!

    ~Dextera <3

  • Destroyer: iRageQuit

    Holy Knight: Dextera

    Predator: MiracleArrow

    Shinobi: Ryozo , Seloria

    Archangel: xBaby, Reptar

    Druid: AhPanDuh

    Warlock: xChaotic , Faked

    Shinigami: Samurai22, ARmang0,

    Artillerist: Excadrill ,Yasui

    Mechmaster: Optix

    - JJHiistory

  • Destroyer: /

    Holy Knight: Dextera

    Predator: /

    Shinobi: Ryozo

    Archangel: DrWhat

    Druid: /

    Warlock: xChaotic , xScars

    Shinigami: Honamii

    Artillerist: Excadrill ,Yasui

    Mechmaster: Mordex, Shyxor


  • Holy Knight: Dextera. Nommy gets an honourable mention.
    Destroyer: Twilite because....he's the only one I saw.

    Pretador: zenon101, great capper, Yukine

    Archangel: I wasn't that active this month, so I genuinely saw no one worth mentioning. EXCEPT NIN. <3

    Druid: Who plays this class?

    Warlock: xChaotic

    Shinigami: Armang0 gets an honourable mention for being the most annoying Shadowlord to ever walk the face of the earth.
    Artilerist: Excadrill
    Mechmaster: Shyxor for being the only person to make this class do damage anymore.

  • Destroyer:Shintoni (overall and dmg), iRageQuit (as tank),

    Holy Knight: Dextera, Akisearu

    Predator: Freischutz, Yukine (Frei>Yuki)

    Shinobi: Ryozo

    Archangel: DrWhat, Aenami

    Druid: Inceptionz

    Warlock: Faked, Draakz (best dmg), xChaotic

    Shinigami: -

    Artillerist: Excadrill

    Mechmaster: w/o regen: Optix, iGeneric (Optix>iGeneric) w/ regen: Me (any other MM too cool to use regen)

    My honest opinion

    (not mentioning inactive players)

  • i forgot to say someone , like my bae friend swizz:( .



  • I've not been too active in arena so i might miss some good players as i will name only people i have faced in last 2 months

    Destroyer: i guess iragequit is the only one actively pvping

    Holy knight: Dextera is really nice at supporting and teamplay, Nommy is also not bad, might expect something from him

    Shinobi: Ryozo is nice to play with, nice damage and tankyness

    Predator: Yukine is tanky and good arena focus, Miraclearrow more on DPS side but doing fine

    Shinigami: Armango is good at supporting and ccing, Honamii also quite good and Vicetone also knows what he is doing, pity he quits a lot

    Warlock: Faked on the tanky and cc side. xChaotic is also nice and doing fine

    Druid: noone is really Active with this class

    Archangel: Rhea is nice and fujinuma got a lot better lately

    Gunner: Excadrill for doing nice damage even if quite squishy

    Mechmaster: Optix highest damage overall even when not on Taro set also JJhistory and iGeneric are good

    I might have forgot someone but those are the ones that come to mind atm

  • It's been a year of hiatus

    Destroyer: iRageQuit

    Holy Knight : Dextera

    Shinobi : Ryozo , Seloria

    Predator : None

    Shinigami : None

    Warlock : Faked , Killua

    Druid : AhPanDuh

    AA : Extinct .. lots of rq n none rly support the team

    Gunner : Excadrill , kill or be killed situation

    Mechmaster : JJHistory,Optix,Noah

  • Destroyer: iRageQuit , Xv2

    Holy Knight : Dextera

    Shinobi : Ryozo , Seloria

    Predator : Yukine, Miraclearrow

    Shinigami : Armango

    Warlock : Killua, Faked

    Druid : AhPanDuh

    AA : xBaby

    Gunner : Excadrill

    Mechmaster : Optix

    - JJ

  • Update only mention active player

    Dest: IRageQuit (Max equip) and XV2 also know how to play



    Predator :Yukine MiracleArrow


    Mage:Faked Roryn

    Druid:Interstellar (but also inactive)so I mention Siryu

    AA:Halsey(support) Rhea (good for dmg support)

    Gunner :Excadrill

    MM : Jj optix and Shyxor

    The post was edited 1 time, last by Chaotic: I forgot to mention master Shyxor ().

  • For last month:
    Holy Knight: Dextera, Ruthless, xBrina joined once and was tankier than expected.
    Destroyer: iRageQuit, Kazoie does a LOT of damage (totally not biased bc I'm married to them or anything :^)), LordBerci for being the tankiest Destroyer of them all (seriously, this guy does not die...ever.) Wery gets an honourable mention for getting better.
    Predator: I really can't recall who joined this month because there were so little. Tobi (Yukine) was active for the first half of the month, thassaboutit.
    Shinobi: Ryozo needs to stop killing me when I'm not looking.
    Druid: Uh Katie is fine, good for damage and support before she dies bc this class needs a buff.
    Archangel: xBaby is my...very good friend. <3 I genuinely haven't seen anyone else, but I'm also semi-inactive atm so sorry if I missed anyone. WAIT. Aenamii. Forgot about them.
    Warlock: Killua is good for both damage and crowd control. There was another who joined a few times, but I cannot, for the life of me, remember their name.
    Shinigami: HMM. Honamii joined like ONCE so I guess I can put them on this list...? ARmang0 gets a mention (like they always do) for being the most annoying Shini to play against. Other than that, for whatever reason, the Shinigami that do play are either really squishy or don't know how to support for a win.
    Mechmaster: xImperator, Optix, jjHistory for his...interesting playstyle (in the sense that he doesn't seem to be able to f***kin' choose one), I think that's it...? They all kind of blend together after a while to be honest.
    Artilerist: Excadrill and Revulsion (I think that's Taka, just namechanged but I don't much care to check)


  • Destroyer: xZenshix is decent and getting better. XV2 for good cap

    Holy Knight: Ruthless, Dextera good tank and sup, Mosia has god tier damage.

    Predator: haven’t seen any decent one this month

    Ryozo: Ryozo

    Druid: Interstellar, good damage definately worth mentioning.

    Archangel: Totosan, Aenami, and xBaby when she is active. An army in 1 person. No one else, just dudes with personal issues who’s as useless as a log.

    Warlock: Draakz, amepple. Killua is getting there. Where’s Faked? :(

    Shinigami: Armango. The rest aren’t active.

    Artilleriet: Excadrill.

    Mechamster: RaijinGod, tanky and no one else that actively joining arena. Mikumo is getting there.

    Just my opinion.

  • Mentioning active pvpers only:-

    Destroyer: XV2 (tanky af tbh, decent dps on pvp set n fast xtal cap) , xXPuppetXx (good use of taros , knows how to play)

    Holy Knight : Dextera (good teamwork n high dps ), Mosia (although rarely seen)

    Shinobi : Ryozo (tanky n has a very high dps compared to other shinobi, knows how to play the class too well)

    Predator : MiracleArrow (fast cap n high dps not to mention tanky as well)

    Shinigami : -

    Warlock : Killua (one hitting people ) , oSeki (getting better)

    Druid : -

    AA : -

    Gunner : Excadrill (no comment; too op)

    Mechmaster : RaijinGod , JJHistory , Optix (instant kill someone that they locked on )

  • mentioning functional human being

    dest: xv2, xzenshix

    hk: mosia and dextera

    shinobi: ryozo

    pred: miraclearrow

    shini: armango

    warlock: drakz and faked

    druid: ?

    aa: aenami and totosan

    artil: exacdril and revulson

    mm: raijingod and optix

    honorable mentions, functional but not active: yasui, ruthles, samurai22, xbaby and roryn

  • Destroyer: None

    Holy Knight: Dextera

    Predator: None

    Ryozo: Ryozo

    Druid: None

    Archangel: Fuji, Sunny

    Warlock: Killua

    Shinigami: None

    Artilleriet: Excadrill.

    Mechamster: Shyxor

    Phan : Need to see more

    Chro; Need to see more

    - JJ

  • Reviving this post:

    Destroyer: /

    Holy Knight: Dextera, Togatsu doing good too

    Shinobi: Guess what its Ryozo

    Predator: Okarushi best Ive seen in the past weeks

    Archangel: Aeniami

    Druid: noone I can remeber worth mentioning

    Warlock: FrozZen I guess, havent seen many

    Shinigami: Armang0, Shaoran, both super annoying

    Mechmaster: JJHistory

    Artillerist: Excadril for making the class look not as bad as it is

    Phantom: LadyDaddy best Ive seen

    Chrono: none worth mentioning

  • Destroyer: LordBersi , Kyurai

    HolyKnight: Dextera, Mosia , Togatsu (Support and dmg )

    Shinobi: Ryozo, Azzazel , Bowser, Azrael

    Predator: †DarkEviL† , Yukine , Freischutz

    Archangel: Yuremi , DrWhat

    Druid: Inceptionz (if he play ssrly)

    Warlock: Jaiko, Kurbi, (both noobs) & FrozZen

    Shinigami: Shaoran, Trizle

    Mechmaster: JJHistory

    Artillerist: THE ONE AND ONLY , Excadril

    Phantom: LaddieDaddy

    Chrono: No one.

  • Destroyer: Shintoni

    HolyKnight: iGary - Togatsu

    Shinobi: TwoStone - Azrael - Cruzzades

    Predator: DarkEviL - OneStone - Zyphale

    Archangel: Yuremi

    Druid: Inceptionz - Yggdrasil

    Warlock: Jaiko - FrozZen

    Shinigami: Trizle - Ellcrys - Vicetone

    Mechmaster: SoldMyBro4AP - Atomfried - iPandaZ

    Artillerist: RASTAAAA - Mozeps

    Phantom: Allmight

    Chrono: Cruzzades ( does not have a chrono yet, but still the best)

  • Destroyer: Danny, Slt, KoiKoi

    HolyKnight: Dextera, Asura, Pala°Pat

    Shinobi: Bowser, DarkShodows, Shinki

    Predator: Freischutz, Kryros, oHisoka

    Archangel: Selyse, Yuma, Alkald, MagicalTimes

    Druid: Lasagna, Arya

    Warlock: oSeki, Entropie, Kurbi

    Shinigami: ARmang0, Jordan29, Kira091

    Mechmaster: JJHistory, ErikT, Chibusan, DrShinoo, iPandaZ

    Artillerist: -

    Phantom: NyuRagegun, Yuuria, Hezekeah,

    Chrono: -

  • Destroyer: Refused, LordBersi

    HolyKnight: Dextera

    Shinobi: Bowser, Ryozo,

    Predator: ///

    Archangel: Selyse, MisticSky

    Druid: Jyne

    Warlock: Roryn

    Shinigami: Shaoran,
    Mechmaster: Mikumo, Kome , JJHistory

    Artillerist: Excadrill

    Phantom: LaddieDaddy
    Chono: //

  • Hi ^-^

    Destroyer: Danny, Shintoni

    HK: Dextera

    Shinobi: Bowser, Ryozo, DarkShodows

    Predator: no, maybe 50Shade

    AA: Eileey, Yuremi, Selyse

    Druid: Jyne

    Warlock: oSeki

    Shinigami: Shaoran

    Mechmaster: God, k0me

    Artillerist: Excadrill

    Phantom: They are all the same

    Chrono: -

    By Slt =)

  • Destroyer: Slt, Danny, Shintoni

    HK: dextera

    Shinobi: Ryozo

    Pred: 50shadesofap

    AA: Mistic, fujinuma, selyse

    Druid: ,

    Warlock: entriopie

    Shinigami: Jordan, Shaoran

    Mecha: JJHistory

    Artillerist: TheDemolitor, Excadrill

    Phantom: LaddyDaddy

    Chrono: .

    my opinion about 100 pvp players :3

  • Destroyer : Shintoni

    HK: Dextera / Togatsu

    Shinobi :Azazel / Ryozo

    Pred : 50shades going there.

    AA: DrWhat

    Druid : For win Yggdrasil/Lasagna Dps NooobPlayer

    Warlock: Entropie

    Shinigami : ArmangO is a challenge

    Mecha : Shyxor /Kome /JJhistory/God

    Arti : Exca

    Phantom :Laddiedaddy

    Chrono: Battosai

  • Destroyer: LordBersi, Shintoni, Refused, (pingding Kappa)

    Holy Knight: Dextera

    Predator: 50shadesofKidi <3

    Shinobi: Ryozo

    Archangel: all.


    Warlock: Entropie (Senpai :c )

    Shinigami: Jordan, Shaoran

    Artillerist: Excadrill

    Mechmaster: Chibu, K0me, Shyxor, SoldMyBro4AP, God

    Phantom : Laddiedaddy

    Chrono: Battosai

    Best Player: Kurbi

  • Hi My Friend's <3

    Destroyer: Danny very good DPS, good TANK, can put damage without focus ring just like Slt but you remain weak on the tank my bro, very very good TeamPlayer for both players.

    Holy Knight: Togatsu very good tank, who knows how to play with team, he knows how to use his DEBUFF !!!

    Predator: 50ShadesOfAP very good for xtal.

    Shinobi: 404Error very good Damage "281K hum hum <3" and TeamPlay, Ryozo very good DPS and Tank but you play alone, It's a pity my friend !

    Archangel: Eileey very good tank, knows cure, knows how to play in TeamPlay, use his debuff for his team what more ? TEAMEILEEYV2

    Druid: Yggdrasil ? It's a Prank LOL NULLARD

    Warlock: Entropie good Damage, good for xtal, good TeamPlay

    Shinigami: Shaoran very good for FULL ROOT for WIN

    Artillerist: Cipry good DPS on some people

    Mechmaster: AtomFried very good DPS and TANK

    Phantom : LaddieDaddy very good DPS

    Chrono : ?


    I love you my friend's <3

    NooobPlayer, Druid, Lv100.

  • Destroyer: atm there a no good destroyer playing pvp - in my opinion. Or at least I didn't saw them.

    Holy Knight: Dextera.

    Predator: /

    Shinobi: Ryozo, Tragedy.

    Archangel: Miyako.

    Druid: Aylin, NooobPlayer.

    Warlock: Roryn.

    Shinigami: Syrene, Shaoran.

    Artillerist: Excadrill.

    Mechmaster: JJHistory, Mikumo, k0me.

    Phantom: LaddieDaddy, NyuRailgun, Harleen.

    Chrono: Akira.