Best 71-80 PvP Players

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  • I would like to restore this thread from the old forum. Give us your thoughts about the best PvPer in your bracket per class! :)

  • I'll get the ball rolling then

    WL : JJ

    TEMP : Zell

    SS : Kyros

    DS : ?

    PP : Febry

    MYST : Mirua

    AM : Hexuba

    DM : ?

    GM : Milong / Zeruel / Alluka

    GN : lol

  • I have no clue what I'm doing. More Sprite arena please. ♥

    Warlord: JJHistory

    Templar: Jets / Zell

    Sharpshooter: Kyros, I think there's a few around but I haven't seen any that aren't 78.

    Darkstalker: ???

    Prophet: Febry

    Mystic: I haven't really seen many play ;;

    Archmage: Dizzie / oSeki

    Demonologist: ??

    Gearmaster: Alluka

    Gunner: ??? What's a gunner? >:

  • Warlord: None

    Templar: Jets / Zell

    Sharpshooter: Kyros,

    Darkstalker: Nicky

    Prophet: Febry

    Mystic: None

    Archmage: Dizzie

    Demonologist: None

    Gearmaster: Alluka

    Gunner: None

    - JJHistory

  • Here's mine:

    Warlord: JJHistory, †una

    Templar: Zell, Jets

    Darkstalker: IRageQuit, Neroneko

    Sharpshooter: Kryros, PPMD

    Prophet: Hanak0me, Alkald

    Mystic: Ggars (leveled up already)

    Archmage: Hexuba, xXSpitfireXx

    Demonologist: None ATM

    Gearmaster: Alluka, Milong, Zeruel, Jadder

    Gunner: None ATM. I saw Mozeps few weeks back

    Sorry if I missed some names. I've only to mentioned those players that I was able to play with during my playing time. :)


  • WL :JJHistory

    TEMP :/

    SS :/

    DS :Nycky13

    PP :Febry

    MYST :/

    AM :AMDestroyer

    DM :Hanako

    GM :Alluka,Zeruel,Milong,Jadder,Amazake

    GN :/


  • WL : LUL is this class even useful

    TEMP : Zell

    SS : None atm

    DS : RIP Caligula and Shin

    PP : RIP fear spam

    MYST : Root lockers lul

    AM : arctic grip lul

    DM : fear lul

    GM : Zeruel

    GN : Lul does this class even exist

  • WL: JJHistory

    TEMP: Zell

    Mystic: Raverz

    PP: Healnobbin

    DS: Nycky12

    SS: Nyanne

    AM: Hexuba, Dizzie

    DM: /

    Gunner: /

    GM: Zeruel, Alluka, amazake

  • WL: JJ my Buddy

    TEMP: ehm atm none

    Mystic: Raverz my boy

    PP: only silence 24/7

    DS: ~

    SS: AHA pls

    AM: me myself and i and Yumei maybe

    DM: Rain³ (inactive but the only one)

    Gunner: ~

    GM: Alluka and Jeangard (when he is online x:) [Ik its Optix]


    with some love


  • Here, I fixed your list that ties into how you list people in 80.

    wl: jjhistory

    temp: jets

    mystic: ): u root me? u aint going in this list

    prophet: BOOOHOOO U SILENCE AND FEAR ME? U aint going in this list cus the god of prophet dont need no crowd cotrol skills, and any pp who hugs sleep= insta op right? (nerf pls)

    ds: nykey12

    ss: u root and silence me while i was capping? nah nah, aint cool god of ss just let others cap.

    am: so u lock me bcuz i was going near u to kill you and you used a skill which provided by the developer to improve your survivability? no u must rlly suck, god of Am dont lock people. Oh and hexuba is pretty nice.

    Dm: misfortune, lock and fear? nah nah dm arent made to me annoying, right? Only NOOBS uses these provided skills!

    Gunner: literally extinct

    gm: idk man I rage quit against a lot of these gearmaster to even know whos the top one.