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  • Hi guys!

    I;m just wondering if anyone can help me out by filling in this survey me and my class mates have put together to gather some data on gamer preferences towards historical and educational games. The project we're doing requires us to gather primary data from various sources and one of them is asking people to fill out a survey and give us an understanding where a new game could fill in, if any, gaps in the current market. If anyone can spare the time to help us out would be super helpful. We also understand there is some grammatical/spelling errors if unsure about anything feel free to contact me. Thanks in advance!!

  • Hiya thanks for the survey, my feedback would be the following:

    • If you are aware of grammatical and spelling errors perhaps it is better to fix them, prior to giving it out to the public. They may not feel motivated to respond.
    • Be clearer with your questions and wherever possible give examples that people can relate to. Age of Empires for example would fall under a historical game, however what would you define as an educational game?
    • Google forms gives you the ability to create a dynamic form that shows or skips the user to a section based on the relevance of thier response. There's no need for a N/A response field such as the one you had for non-teacher/guardian participants.

    Completed the survey anyway, pardon my criticism, just want the best for you going into the future.

  • thank you Ishan this helps a lot! It's the first time i've had to create a survey so you're critique is very much welcome'd! I'll go back see if I can fix some things hopefully I can get a few more responses before I have to go over the data and write my report ^^

  • The survey was cool, but like what Ish said I would def fix up those grammar errors. Made it a bit hard to understand what I was reading lol.

  • thanks ninetails! I'm waiting back on some of my group to go over it and check the grammar for me :3 Because for the life of me I can't see the issues even though i know they are there