Sage/Mystic/Shaman. Where and when do SP?

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  • Hi~~

    Like the title said, I want to know where is better to make SP or in what lvl? I know everyone do their sp where they fell more confortable, but where I can do it quickly?

  • Specialty Points?

    I always see 75 as a good level to get them done within Mutated Phoenix Tower. You get both your Defence mastery and can use the Defence Ancient talent from Magic Academy.

    Both Physical (75 Sprite set) and Magic (PvP set) are quite capable of doing this well at this level.

  • If you arent 75 yet or not geared enough to tank MPT, you can try alternative dimension maps until you are ready for MPT.

    Also, make sure you have both gaia divine and european soul gems before you start grinding for exp. Exping without them is a waste of time. If you dont have enough gold to buy them, just run some PT or farm purple mats and sell them until you have enough gold. Just dont bother grinding for exp until you got them.