Tenacious or Spinacious? We need you bae!

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    Something about us:

    • Tons of memes

    • Cookies

    • Discord and Whatsapp (Only if you alrady bought whatsapp gold).

    • TeamSpeak server

    • Its enought rofl. Anyways:

    Yggdrasil maxed, Alice as guildsprite, VFS 2 times /week, weekly GW , TW and in-guild events.

    How to join:

    • Lvl 75+

    • We will recruit only main char. You can also join with your alt but only if your main is in our guild.

    • Sense of humor. You really need it, trust me.

    If you wanna join, contact our leads:

    • iGeneric (English, German, Dutch and tons of more random language.)

    • KareI (English, Italian)

    • Shining (English, Italian)

    • Zarata (English, German)

    • xSpace (English,Bulgarian)

    If you can't find us online PM to one of our members!

    Usually you will receive a reply within 24hours.

    Your language or country doens't matter! Feel free to PM us for any question :)

    Have a nice day chicos! See you in <Tenacious> !