[Guide] Leveling Methods (From 1-100)

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  • Please Note: Due to my inactivity, I doubt I will be able to update this guide whenever new dungeons / maps / etc come out and they become another new way to leveling up. If you want me to fix anything or add anything to this guide, then message me on forums.

    Before I begin, I want to note down a few things:

    • All classes have different preferences on what they do to level up. For example, doing dungeons to get experience will be easier to do on some classes than others, so try different things and see which is your preferred method!
    • This guide was mainly taken from my leveling guide here at my own website (which has over 10k views!)
    • You should consider not rushing to level up, as you have to go on obtaining more reputation in order to obtain useful items.
    • Always, ALWAYS do your dailies and WR. They always give the big boost of experience and will 100% help you level up faster. There is always the option of Trial Maze if you like.
    • EXPERIENCE CHARMS. They boost your experience. USE THEM!!
    • You should also stop leveling at some point in order to max out your masteries. They are important and will give you a boost in your stats!
    • Remember to never give up on leveling up. Any amount of experience will always help. You can always take breaks whenever you're leveling up.


    • PLVL: Stands for power-level; This is a easier method of leveling up, where the low-level character being leveled up goes to a place with high-level mobs, and the low-level character is in a party with a high-level character that is killing the mobs in the map for them to gain high experience easily.
    • WR: Stands for White Ruins, also known as Mystic Glyph Ruins; This is a popular dungeon (located in Jale) that requires a lowbie (level 20-49) and a highbie (level 50+) in order to run. Upon completing the quest, the player will obtain a massive amount of experience, and will obtain a buff that will make them unable to do the dungeon again for a few hours. Sometimes there is a daily for the Mystic Glyph Ruins, which can score you extra experience.
    • Grinding: This is a method of obtaining experience, items, mastery, reputation, etc. In this instance we're talking about experience. Grinding is basically killing a bunch of higher leveled mobs in an area over and over that gives you a decent amount of experience.
    • REP: Stands for Repeat; These are repeatable quests that you can do over and over. These can give a decent amount of experience as well as reputation.
    • MO: Stands for Mission Order; These are the little dungeon quests that requires you to kill the dungeon bosses in order to complete. Usually gives out a decent amount of gold and experience.

    Levels 10-30

    • As stated above, the fastest way I know people get to level 30 quickly is by power-leveling.
    • This shouldn't really take you too long. You should just simply do the quests that's around you and grind the mobs. Move from area to area that is around your level.
    • Once you have access to Prairie Cave, the very first dungeon, then that should be your go-to place to grind for experience. If you get too high leveled up, such as around level 26, then move on to Condemned Mine.

    Levels 31-65

    • You can still grind in Condemned Mine to obtain experience. Keep grinding to a level in the range of 37-40. You can also go to places like Angoya Island, Bone Reef Peninsula, and Plague Forest and do some quests and grinding there.
    • Once you hit levels close to 40, then the next place to go is the Deserted Temple. Grind in there until you reach level 45. You can also perhaps try Echo Cave, but I prefer Deserted Temple.
    • At level 45 you will have access to Old Siwa Island. This dungeon was my go-to for reaching level 50. There's also the option of Warped Prairie Cave, but if that dungeon is too hard for you, then just go back to Old Siwa Island.
    • Things start to get a little tricky here once you hit level 50. You can always go to Gaia Woodlands and Blakatoa Range and do your REP Quests and grinding there. There is still the option of doing Roaring Maw grinding. At the level range of 50-55 you can attempt to grind in Prism Island Prairie and Twin Lion Mountain. If those two maps are too easy for you, then you can go to Knight Valley. You have the option of doing Mutated Condemned Mine at level 52, up until you hit the level range of 57-60.
    • If you have the dungeons unlocked, then grind at Holy King's Tomb and Ancient City of Vines. As stated earlier above, you can go to Prism Island Prairie and Twin Lion Mountain. You have the option of grinding at Sunken Mechanical Fortress dungeon once you hit level 63, but that dungeon is annoying so if you don't like it there, then don't go there to grind.
    • At Level 60 you have access to Nightmare Corridor. You can try to do the Main Quest for Nightmare Corridor to get some experience, although it's a dungeon that you're most likely going to need help with.
    • Once you hit level 65, try to do the Ancient Jewelry REP to increase your Four Seas reputation in order to unlock a +MDEF consumable to purchase.

    Levels 70-85

    • Note that at level 70 and above, you will rely on dailies and WR way more in order to level up. It starts getting annoying at this point. You also have to be aware of your skills becoming more and more expensive. If you're not one of the rich kids, then you wont be able to upgrade and get new skills.
    • At level 71-75 you can try to grind in areas such as Spirit Valley, Oblivion Border, Winterflake Forest, Ancient Polar Ruins, and Auris Bay. You should consider doing the quests in areas Knight Valley and above to obtain Elsaland reputation. Once at level 75, you have the option of Mutated Sunken Mechanical Fortress, although I would really rather prefer Mutated Ancient City of Vines.
    • Levels 75-80 you should try to do Phoenix Tower and Black Flame Ruins, especially the MO. At level 78 you can stop in order to farm the MO to obtain gold, as you will need it for your equipment and skills at higher levels.
    • At around level 78 you can start doing Mutated Phoenix Tower to climb your way to level 85. You can also do Forbidden Temple.
    • Try to do Elsaland Quests to increase your reputation in order to obtain useful items. It's the same thing with Four Seas, try to get Elsaland reputation maxed out just like maxing out Four Seas.

    Levels 85-100

    • This is where it gets really annoying, where it becomes a big chore to even level up by a single level.
    • Your grinding places will mostly consist of Dreamer's Plateau, Vapor Vale, Dazzledell Hollow, and Port Riptide.
    • From level 85-90 you can attempt to do Mutated Black Flame Ruins. The dungeon is annoying, but if you manage to solo a group of mobs, then congrats! You are on your way to level 90.
    • At level 88 you have the option of doing Mutated Forbidden Temple. If you are able to solo it, or even duo it, then that dungeon is available for you all the way up to 100. Yes, you can grind in MFT until 100.
    • There's one more mutated dungeon you can try to do which is Mutated Blazing Kaslow.
    • Some dungeons you can try to do is Blazing Kaslow, Prismata, and Distorted Dimension. (I am not 100% sure on these dungeons, but I will leave them here anyways)

    This has been taken from the updated and most popular leveling guide that was made by me. Sadly, I am not certain of a few things which is Mutated Blazing Kaslow (The level requirement), Blazing Kaslow, Prismata, and Distorted Dimension. It doesn't really matter too much though, because I basically covered everything to leveling up to 100. I hope you all were able to get a better idea on how to level up.

    And thank you, GFO players. You may think that you didn't do anything, but you all gave me ideas on ways to level up, especially from level 85+.

  • Probably the one note I'd add is to get 25k Elsaland before levelling out of 82.

    Players that don't reach this generally don't have a chance to get it again (if they're reincarnated. While I know it's a levelling guide they may start mpt at 75 and then forget about it.

  • First of all, gratz for this great guide! :)

    In GF-PT Mutated Blazing Kaslow is lvl 94, Blazing Kaslow is 86 (quests required), Prismata I'm not sure and DD I think is 96 (quests required).

    BTW, care if I translate your guide leaving the credit to you?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I don't mind if you translate ^ - ^