Need help the question of the protection.

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  • Please explain to me how to put a password protection for the character ? In many videos I've seen people ask for a password to enter the world or delete a character. Here's an example of what I'm wondering 1:13-1:14

    I also have a question about account protection. I often change mail and password in order to secure your account but for some reason the mail and password are changed without any confirmation via mail. How to fix this problem ? That is, my mail does not play any role in the protection of and if a person knows my account password and he can change the mail and password without access to the activated mail me for protection.

    Sorry for bad English )

  • It's actually very easy to make a password for your in-game characters. On the character screen (before logging in), there should be a "Change Password" button. Simply click on it and input your password and you will have a password protection for your characters. Every time you try to log in to your character, you will have to always input that same password, so try to note down that password somewhere.


    About the situation of your account, that's where my knowledge is slim. From the sounds of it, it really looks like something or someone has access to your account. Did you click on any suspicious links (for example the fake aeriagames link) and input your username and password?

  • No I do not pass by extraneous links. I just do not understand why to change the password and mail you do not receive a confirmation of the old mail as it is made almost in 99.99% of mmo. And in order for an attacker to be able to change mail and password it will be enough to know only my password.And to mail when changing password, and mail does not come at all no information and requirements to confirm their actions. For the test, a request was made for password recovery but even this action is ignored and the mail did not come in a single message. That is, at the moment my mail is indicated in the account does not provide any protection and assistance. I hope that somebody will help to solve this problem.

    Shows, thank you for helping to deal with the password for the character.