Make FT MO max level 88 again

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  • Back when the Forbidden Temple MO maximum level was 88, basically most of the people doing the dungeon were in the level 86-88 range. When the maximum level was randomly decreased, I realized that this kinda ruins the main MO dungeon way to make gold at that level range of 86-88, especially because it was the only dungeon MO that everyone was doing (There's a few other dungeons that you can do, but I don't see people doing them as often as FT. Basically I don't see many people do parties for them publicly). Also, now I don't really see anyone running FT anymore because of this.

    The only other options (to make gold; dungeon-MO related, the popular public-party dungeons) was to make an alt which would run MO dungeons at lower levels (PT, BFR, etc), or to level up to do some of the higher-leveled dungeon MOs that people would do. I'm not even sure if there was a reason for lowering the maximum level to open the MO. Oh by the way, the MO still says in the description that the maximum level is 88 even though it actually isn't.

    (Note that I'm only talking about dungeon MOs. Don't bring up like 1 million other ways to get gold such as selling items)

    I hope I said this clear enough.

  • FT being at 88 makes the class upgrade to 86 significantly more worth doing for players and gives a good transitional level for them to want to level.

    Even if they stick to 88, this opens the door for players to participate in more PvE content rather than the basic 70 (PT/ACV), 78 (PT/BFR/FT) and 80 (Arena/BFR/FT).

    For this reason I highly agree with this suggestion.^^

    (Dunno if implementation will be likely though, seeing as they're trying to reduce gold rather than create more of it).

  • The main reason people are no longer doing FT runs is not because of the MO lvl limit decrease. With the removal of FD, there is simply no reason to party with other players, as doing dungeons with your own alts yields so much more gold.

    So while I agree that lvl 88's should be able to do FT, this wont bring FT party runs back.

  • I agree bringing back the FT lvl 88 MO's since alot of people now a days got bored to level to 88+ since there is more gold on lvl 78 ( PT/BFR/FT ) but given that. alot of people wont invite outsiders on their party cause they can just run alone. i dont think alot of people would actually spend alot of gold on their class at that lvl's unless they are heading to pvp 80.