Tiered spenders & Wish titles

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  • Now that AP selling is no longer allowed, are you going to improve the Tiered Spender rewards ?

    Also it would be nice if GM wish titles were available through some forum or in game events.

  • If they're going to improve the Tiered Spenders sometime, I'd really adore if they made it so you could get a wish and a title again. I understand they probably had their reasons for changing it (I wasn't around when it happened), but it'd be really nice to have back. ;; pls.

  • The Tiered Spender does not change long ago, items are no longer attractive. At least in the PT, many prefer to buy gold (even if it is illegal).

    An update on it would be a good move to (at least) "weaken" the illegal trade.

    A escala não muda faz muito tempo, os itens não são mais atrativos. Pelo menos no PT, muitos preferem comprar gold (mesmo, sendo ilegal).

    Uma atualização nela, seria uma boa jogada para (ao menos) "enfraquecer" o comércio ilegal.