[GUIDE] Spellcaster/Mage/Wizard/Archmage/Avatar/Warlock

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  • This Guide is mainly targeted to PvE only and I’m no pro ( only based on my experience with the class )

    Hello there my fellow Lightning stabbing buddies!

    My name is MrFeisbuc ! This guide is intended for new players and players that are having a bit of trouble that decided to be an archmage.

    ( I’m really Open for suggestions and more add on for this post to help other players that are starting on this class )

    NOTE : I will be updating this post every now and then from Siwa Island adventures to the torture dungeon of SMF.

    Why Wizard ?

    Well to me personally wizards are really really Over Powered once you figure out how to play them.

    They have really high AoE ( Area of Effect ) that makes Dungeon Grinding ( Mutated or Non Mutated Dungeons ).

    And also have high MDPS ( Magic Damage Per Second ) for single mobs ( Lightning Arrow Skill line ) for grinding outside dungeons.

    They have pretty decent Physical Damage Reduction that makes Normal damage on you pretty useless.


    1. Really high AoE output. (Due to having instant cast skills " Enchanced Lightning Coil and Hug explosive Cloud")

    2. High MDPS on single target. ( Lightning Arrow Skill line Gives +75% chance to double damage ( LVL 66+)

    3. Almost 100% M-crits. (can easily get from level 70 yellow relic and "Amplifying Accessories")

    4. Tanky Enough not to get one shot. ( Have decent defense and physical dmg reduction)

    5. Cast Speed stones are garbage ( PvE ). (Knows the correct pattern of skills for infinite "Astral Precision Skill" )

    6. Can hit almost 100% Physical Damage Reduction. (Correct Talents,Set,Weapon "Level 70+)


    1. Really squishy and get one shot easily. ( Using Wrong Sets by making his/her self a glass cannon )

    2. Crying to get Cast Speed Stones. ( Don't know how to utilize skills " Astral Precision" Skill )

    3. Useless on Solo Dungeon grinds. ( Don't Know which set to use on specific dungeons )

    4. Low damage and have mana problems. ( Unbalance Itemization "ending up opposite to glass cannon")

    5. Can’t switch weapons and relics fast enough to counter mobs. ( Can't Properly use cast animation delays "not sure if that's what its called" )

    *NOTE : I'll try to make a video tutorial/preview on it so it will be clear :D*

    Level Guide and Everything! Well almost everything: D

    1-5 (To be updated)

    6-15 (To be updated)

    16-30 (To be updated)

    31-65 (To be updated)

    66-85 GUIDE !

    Awesome ! now you’re an Archmage !

    Now what?

    Well now things will start to get rough for you because this is the stage where you will have to slowly and eventually get your items and be prepared.

    66-70 !

    This is in the middle of hard but easy at the same time.

    You have a few ways to level to 70 in a pretty decent phase.

    1. Do ACV Mission Order (Ancient City of Vines 61-70) runs till you hit level 68 for PT Mission Order (Phoenix Tower 68-78) runs. Both Gives Gold and experience.

    2. Grind at Winter Flake Forest or Auris Bay if you have enough damage and defense.

    3. Do quests https://grandfantasia.info/mis…ad-Dash-Pig-Hooves-(REP)/ until it gives no exp and continue on to the REP quest on the line. https://grandfantasia.info/mis…s-Magic-Experiment-(REP)/ and https://grandfantasia.info/mis….-The-Gouging-Crab-(REP)/

    Now that you’re at 70 you can relax and take a bit of time to think.

    What are the things you need at this level you ask?

    First thing is you need to get?

    Yellow Staff level 70 is a must for us mages. It’s our lifesaver trust me.

    Radiant Flame Core - Soul Eye

    +25% chance to hit

    Not subject to dizziness or stun

    12% chance to activate when attacking: Damage received -50%, for 8 sec.

    This staff will save you a lot and will be very useful when you reach level 75! (Will discuss later why and how)

    Yellow 70 Relic is a really nice DPS relic that will give you tons of boost on your damage.

    Annihilator - Zero

    When equipped:

    ~MP Usage -55mp

    15% chance when attacking:

    ~Magic Critical Hit Rate +30% (Lasts 10 sec.)

    ~Magic Critical Hit Damage +30% (Lasts 10 sec.)

    This relic will push your damage quite a lot at this level.

    70 Sprite Set:

    Alternate Dimension Set

    3-piece Bonus: VIT +21, Evasion +15%

    4-piece Bonus: Casting Speed +10%, M-ATK +10%

    5-piece Bonus: 35% chance of Double Attack, Hit +15%

    1. Now why 70 Sprite set you may ask? Well this guide is for average players only. Something affordable and decent enough is more presentable than giving sets that are hard to get for new players.

    2. This set will serve as a stepping stone for your struggle on hunting a certain material than gave me a real headache but paid off really well once you finished it.

    Now that you’re all geared up and running.

    Here comes the struggle of your first step.

    MSMF (Opens at lvl 70 in Misty Wetlands) is one dungeon that you will really have to grind a lot hunting materials and leveling towards 73 as well so it’s a win win right? Two birds in one stone they say :D .

    What material to hunt and why?

    Condensed Consuming Nucleus x30

    To craft one of the most overpowered set for archamge at this tier level

    Which set is it?

    Thunder Arc Set

    3-piece Bonus: Chain Lightning Arrow damage +40%, VIT +18

    4-piece Bonus: Reflect 40% of physical damage and have a 60% chance of reducing attacker's Magic Defense by -45% for 12 seconds when attacked.

    5-piece Bonus: Each skill attack has a 15% chance of triple damage


  • -You're contradicting yourself right from the get-go by stating under Pros: that they are "tanky enough not to get one shot" and "they can hit almost 100% physical damage reduction" but immediately under Cons saying that they're "really squishy and get one shot easily". You need to be able to explain further by giving us an explanation, something along the lines of why they are tanky, and under what circumstances they become "1-shottable". Like reflect. Saying they're tanky but really they're not doesnt help at all.

    -You also claim under Pros that they have high aoe output, as well as high mdps on single targets with almost 100% mcrits all the while saying under Cons that they have low damage. Why do they have low damage? Even with capped mcrit? There is a lack of explanation again as to why you say they have high damage...then come around to say that's not true.

    -I dont know what you meant by the whole you cant weapon/relic switch fast enough to counter mobs thing means but that speed is really dependent on each individual and how fast/proficient they each are with changing gear during combat.

    -Same thing with cast speed...i didnt quite understand what "crying to get cast speed stones means...you called it garbage under Pros but you're crying for it under Cons?

    Just by reading your Pros and Cons, im already confused as a reader...and i can no longer find myself to continue any further lol. You've listed fair points under Pros but went immediately back under Cons to say how what you just said in Pros is not true at all...which is hard to understand x.x

  • as i stated above i'll be updating it frequently and add somethings and yes it is quite confusing now that i read it alot of times. ill make it more clear next edit o/ thanks