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  • Guys Im an old player returning in Saphael. i used to play DM and Mystic. But Now i want to start playing warlord. there used to be heaps of guides in the old forum however its has been all removed apparently. Can someone create a detailed Warlord guide until 70 - 78? Like in terms of Equipment to solo PT and World End Six. I will really appreciate it. Thanks Sprite Messengers!!

  • I'll assume you are going to stay 78 and focus on pve.

    In this case you will need;

    - 60 1h sword (good for lvling until you get your purple axes)

    - 70 1h sword (life leech)

    - 70 sprite set (+9 or +15)

    - 70 purple 1h axe (stoned with 8%, 11%, 15% double attack stones OR +crit dmg stones depending on how much crit dmg you need)

    - 75 purple 1h axe (stoned with 6%, 8%, 10% melee attack stones)

    - 68 orange gun (gives 55% crit damage)

    - 65 yellow shield

    - purple legs (if staying 78) and chest (if going 80) with +movespeed stones

    - crit rate archive buff (doesnt cost any money, just spend a few hours farming trivia)

    - lvl 3 and ideally lvl 4 versions of important talents

    - several low lvl weapons with +movespeed procs (dont know which ones exactly but you can check wiki for that)

    - 16k jale fame for +400 def pot

    - 16k four seas fame for +800 mdef pot

    - DT or Kuma title until you can get Endless Light Blessing

    - Do your masters, you want to +15 axe grinder and lightning slasher, but you can also +15 your def mastery if you really need more def.

    Dont bother wasting gold on Advenced Power (12% melee attack) and Precision (100% crit dmg proc) stones if you are only doing PT / MPT / BFR.

    Dont bother with costume alchemy & mount synthesis until you are well geared. Nucs are good to have but again dont spend your money on them just yet.

    Also soloing PT is nice and all, but you will want to run it with a party as it will be faster and less exhausting.

  • Hi Madrize!

    Thanks for these! Yes, Im a PVE player and never done any pvp.

    Ok so Im following your plans strictly. Im not gonna rush my self. I will enjoy all the quests and take my time.

    Just a quick question:

    1. Isnt lvl 70 yellow bow better for eva and other stats?

    2. I will probably get Kuma, are there lots of ppl who still helps getting this? When I played last year heaps of party are doing it. I haven't tried getting endless light blessing, is the same gears you recommend can get me that?

    3. Whats a crit rate archive buff? Is there a guide with trivia? I remember that before but I have not paid attention to that.

    Yes. I will take your advice w costume alch, nucleus and mount alchemy when I can easily solo pt for gold.

    Thanks again mate!

  • 1. It might look good, but hows that going to help you in dungeons ? You want to clear the dungeon as fast as you can, for that you will as much damage and movespeed as you can get. 70 bow doesnt give either, its a defensive pvp weapon. You should have enough def once you fortify your set and do your def masters, and if you ever think you are in trouble, just switch to 65 shield.

    2. It will probably be harder to find a party, i think DT title is good enough tbh. You can easily get Endless light blessing title once you have your set and weapons ready.

    3. Hit L, go to Archive and click on the "Abilities" text at the bottom, it will show you all the buffs you can get with archive points. you can use this wiki article as your guide;