I need your help.

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  • [GS]Dark here again.

    With the recent Wikia update, I tried as hard as I could to include as much information about each item as possible.

    There were three bits of information I could not successfully obtain:

    • Whether or not an item is tradeable.
    • The drop rate of an item from a Monster or Gift Box
    • The 'Set Bonus' effects from Armor sets.

    Information on the first 2 is seemingly impossible - I cannot find this information no matter how hard I look for it.

    However, the third bit of information - Set Bonuses, is certainly possible to achieve, however it requires some matching of information to IDs.

    You see, I have been able to obtain 'IDs' for set bonuses, and which pieces of Armor uses each ID; but I do not have the matching information for which effect is tied to which ID.

    This is where I need help.

    I've created a Google Sheets document, with the first tab containing a list of IDs and the names of each Set Bonuses, and cells to the right for each of the
    bonuses per-piece (3-Piece, 4-Piece, 5-piece).



    In the second tab, 'Set Bonus Information', is a list of each of the effects that I could dig up from the files.


    What I need is for the Set Bonus Information to be copy & pasted into the appropriate cell on the first tab.

    I have already completed some examples to show how this works:


    Should this be completed, I should have just enough information to add Set Bonuses to the list of information given on each Armor piece within the wikia.

    Note: The information in the 'Set Bonus Information' tab may not be enough to cover the effects of every armor set.

    Should there be some missing, feel free to add the information in manually, but please make sure that it is in the same format that it is presented in-game, and that any 'manual' information cells are marked in red.

    In the hope that it helps, I've also made a Google Sheets List of which armor pieces are tied to each set ID.

    This can be referenced here.

    I do not often ask the community for help, so if anybody has the time to assist with this it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.