Agility Nuclei on Destroyers?

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  • Hello^^

    I've seen some lv100's use agility nuclei on classes that normally don't build agility. For example I've seen Destroyers stack Agi, one of them even has more than his Str and Vit! :/

    So how good is agility compared to the usual strength and vitality nuclei on these classes? Does it help with survivability more than vitality nucs? Is it worth to stack it?

  • I've had this explained to me before so I can semi-run over this pretty decently.

    Basically your base attack at 100 using 1h or 2h axes can be really high and it's the same case with other classes. With pots etc you can sometimes reach cap or near cap even without STR nuclei. There's no point in using STR nucs if you're at cap.

    This is where AGI comes in;

    • AGI is OP in PvE at a high enough value.
    • WL's do get 'decent' AGI they have a +9 agi mastery and semi decent base agi stats.
    • With archive/costumes etc it's possible to go past 350 evasion.
    • Will save you from using a critical mark (though at 100 in general your critical rate is usually high 80's with the sun talent anyway.

    At capped attack the option is either HP or AGI for Destroyers and the latter has decent perks when your base health is already high, this is why some Destroyers go for it.