Tips if you're running Grand Fantasia on an AMD processor

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  • Hello AMD users!


    The AMD lineup is a number of affordable APUs and dedicated GPUs that many computer users have on their computers or powering their games. AMD has a number of advantages and disadvantages which relate to Grand Fantasia that need to be made aware to players. As a player who moved to an AMD card at start of last year I was in the deep end of the pool trying to make the card work for me and I went through a lot of trouble before I finally resolved my issue. It wasn't me alone with these issues and so to help address this issue I'm creating this thread to run-over things that has worked for players.

    Heads UP HOLD!

    Please do not take this article as endorsement of using AMD as a 'good' processor for Grand Fantasia. It really isn't because AMD hasn't created a program-specific profile for Grand Fantasia. Nvidia GeForce is better optimized for this game, particularly in regards to Windows 10. For other games/processes however AMD can perform quite well or better in some applications (such as Matlab).

    You can usually tell your computer if the software or a sticker on your computer has this image:


    Characteristics of using an AMD GPU or APU:

    • Has a official-website provided driver and a computer-specific driver for pre-built computers. These have a vary degree of success within games.
    • Windows 10 does not automatically download the software package from AMD for it's drivers. Windows 10 has it's own AMD drivers that it uses with that card (yes this means there are three different driver sources).
    • AMD doesn't allow you to select directly which processor to use by right clicking the game. You need to select it on the AMD menu.
    • AMD has profiles that come with it that allow the GPU to run games and other applications well. It can run programs such as Matlab and some others extremely efficiently. AMD hasn't made a profile for Grand Fantasia.

    Good practice when it comes to Grand Fantasia:

    · Install your hardware specific driver and NOT the driver from the official website. So if you have a laptop that has a model number, get it from the website that your computer is branded. For example if you have a HP go to the HP support website, Dell computer get the Dell driver etc.

    This is the one I use for my computer because it's the last one listed on the support page for my computer (Dell E6540).


    Improving performance on GPUs:

    You can improve performance in GF by running the game directly through the GPU by selecting the game in the Graphics Application Settings (this appears in different areas depending on the verson of your Catalyst/Crimson control centre) and selecting high performance, but for those who wish to multi-client follow the steps below.

    How to run clients both within the GPU and integrated APU/integrated processor at the same time (laptops with both a AMD GPU + AMD APU OR Intel iGPU):

    Sadly at this moment this is only possible on laptops at this time, though since Desktop GPUs are generally more powerful you may not need to do this step and just leave Grand Fantasia on High performance.


    1. Go into your Catalyst/Crimson menu and set Grand Fantasia.exe to run on ‘Based on power source
    2. Physically unplug your laptop’s power supply and load the clients you want to run on the integrated processor. These will typically be the ones you won’t be using to kill things on, they’re just clients for leeching/getting gold on.
    3. Plug your cable back in and run the clients you want on the High Performance GPU you have. This is what you will be killing/buffing on.

    I typically run two in each GPU as my computer is very old (2013 and it’s a laptop) and putting pressure on either GPU will hurt my performance badly. If you have a new computer this may not be the case.

    AMD isn't a great GPU for programs it doesn't have a optimized profile for and so doesn't have great performance with Grand Fantasia (GF itself isn't very optimized). However if you're stuck with one and really want to play Grand Fantasia to the best of it's ability this guide might just help you squeeze a little bit of a better performance out of it. :)