Name Change

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  • How long do name changes take to go through? i sent a ticket last wednesday and now its already been almost a week and there was a maint today and i dont see my new name? i checked my email as well no reply of anything.

  • If the name change was approved you need to wait until the monthly maintenance... and I think that they give you an answer in that regard

  • Did you get a reply to your RT? Atypically they take place the maintenance after you submit a ticket and get a reply (confirming the new name). If the reply says the name is taken, you'll have to respond to it with amendments.

  • i only got the email saying thank you for contacting us will get to u as soon as possible or something. the one they reply automatically when u send and RT.

  • I think they're a little behind on RTs right now; but when I got my name change, they sent an automatic response and then responded properly once my namechange had "gone through," basically saying "You're new name is [blank]. Yay!" x: It takes a maint after that for the name to completely settle.

  • You're just going to have to be patient, GMs are busy. Just because you sent the RT doesn't mean you're guaranteed to have your new name by next maint ive waited three weeks before now.