Siwa Is Now Dead.

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  • The server is now a ghost town and the experiment has failed. I am disappointed because I had been excited for the new server and had jumped right in. However Aeria Games handled it badly and everyone left. I will list what I feel they did wrong, feel free to disagree or add your own. !st no Tiered Spender. I think the reason for this was to narrow the gap between spenders and non spenders. This had 2 negative effects, 1 was spenders such as myself went to Sanctum to get more bang for our buck, and 2 it ruined the auction house. Many items from the tiered spender would end up in the AH. And since the first tier is the 50 m-clays this took 100s if not 1,000s of m-clays out of the game. So the amount of items from the tables going to the AH was drasticly reduced. So free players had to pay higher prices assuming they could find them at all. There were particularly at the start many Sanctum only events. The special item packages for hitting leveling points were removed 2 months after game launched. Many thought some sort of loyalty point system would come but it never did. Faster leveling is nice but with it harder to get the extras like costumes, backpacks, revival stones, repair mallets, and other stuuf the game is just not as fun. Can the server be saved, not likely. But if you want to try then 3 things, immediately add the tiered spender, loyalty points or free m-clays, and a series of Siwa only events with special rewards. .paladin