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  • • Spam is prohibited (with the exception of the "Messenger's Corner" section of the forum). Spams means to send various messages/emoticons continously or sending irrelevant messages with different content and with the intention of being annoying, preventing others from seeing previous relevant content.
    • Multiposting is not allowed. This means writing several posts in a row, regardless of whether the content is relevant or not. If you need to add something to the previous message, simply click on the "edit" button that appears below. It will be easier to read what you want to say and you will not unnecessarily notify other people. The only exception to be able to do this is when posting/updating guides that want to be divided into different sections, or in the case of official communication/events by the GS/GM.• If you are "bumping" your thread ensure it is done no more than once every 24 hours.
    • It is forbidden to write in capital letters all the time. This is considered as shouting, it is bothersome and unnecessary.
    • Posting inappropriate content in the form of a comment, image, video or web link is prohibited. This includes avatars and signatures.
    • Questions can be asked as long as it is done with respect and complying with the rules. If you cannot find someone to help you, you can always send a private message (pm) to a GS on forums or discord and they will assist you as soon as possible. If you want to contact a GM directly, you can do that on discord or through a ticket at "How to Contact Us".
    • PMs, emails and chats from the Aeria Games site are considered personal and cannot be disclosed in the forum without the authorization of the sender.
    • Forum sections must be used appropriately. Please help maintain order and post content in the correct sections. This prevents your GSes and GMs from wasting time moving posts and threads to the correct sections
    • Discussions are allowed as long as they comply with the rules, and above all, done with respect. Threads and posts that engage in flaming, defaming, "trolling" players, or instigating fights will be punished and those responsible will be sanctioned in a manner determined by the Aeria team.
    • You can not "necro" (revive) topics that are over one month old (except for guides, topics posted in the forum, advertisements ...). Revive means to comment in a post that has not been answered for more than a month.
    • Before creating a new post, please use the forum search engine (ctrl + F) or look at the posted posts and guides to see if your topic has already been discussed. If your search yields no results then proceed to write your post.
    • The maximum dimensions of the avatars are 128x128 pixels and the maximum file size is 100 KB it can be a jpg, jpeg, png, gif. The signatures can not exceed 200 pixels in height, 700 pixels in length and 120kb in size.
    • If you use ideas, comments, images, or any material that is not yours, please provide credit where it is due.
    • Any topic that has nothing to do with the game, please write it in the "Messenger's Corner" section.• Selling your art work for in-game gold/ money is not allowed.
    • Selling/trading art for in-game/irl (real life) money is forbidden.