[Guide] Forum Points

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  • With the new forum came new ranks! Here is a table of how you can earn the higher ranks!

    How to earn forum points:

    Writing a topic 10 points
    Commenting 5 points
    Receiving a thumbs up 1 point

    Points needed for each rank:

    Rank Icon Ranks Points
    WqAN4J.png Grassland Sprite 0
    l5qi3X.png Deep Sea Sprite 50
    WlCJdg.png Spirit Sprite 100
    czVU3d.png Funky Sprite 200
    ZID6w3.png Hurricane Sprite 500
    O1x7Wl.png Highland Sprite 1,000
    5ZeSta.png Sand Sprite 1,750
    C6r8oa.png Forest Sprite 2,500
    7RH0P9.png Black Flame Sprite 5,000
    GQE1DS.png Dark Shinigami Sprite 10,000

    Point deduction:

    A moderator ( GS or GM ) will delete your thread/comment if you are spamming or breaking any of the Forum Rules. After removal, your points will be deducted immediately, penalty points will be added on. This can result in a forum ban.

    If you think your points have been deducted out of nowhere, please contact a GS.