[Guide] Emissary & Illusionary Emissary Spawn Times Info

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  • Illusionary Emissaries:

    Where can you find information about them and when do they spawn?

    GSReserve's Emissary Listing


    What can you get from them?

    Level 71+ (due to Deepfathom level restrictions) may wish to obtain the Title.

    • There are now two ways to obtain a title. These are two different titles, but they both have the same stats.


    • Please note that there was originally an Event during May/June of 2012, with Emissaries for "Ruler of the Day of Destiny" title, and these emissaries are now available once more.

    • For returning players who may still have the "old" versions of the nuclei, NPC Quanta, Aurawhisp Hamlet 215, 297 can exchange the old versions to the new version for you.

    • Reference original post here.

    In order to obtain the "Ruler of the Day of Destiny" title for level 71+ characters, one of each of 7 nuclei must be collected.

    • Every Thursday, at 1pm EST, there will be a special Chimera Event, where a series of bosses will be spawned. If those bosses are successfully slain, then one Chimera will spawn.
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    • You would need to collect a Nucleus of Destiny every week (Thursdays, 1pm EST) for seven consecutive weeks in order to collect each color. (Only one of the seven Chimera spawns each week.)
    • Please note that the Chimera listed below are in order of #1-7, (with #1 being <Time Traveler> Falcis with Crimson and #7 being <Time Traveler> Deanno with Onyx.) You can find which # Chimera will spawn each week by checking the Events Calendar.
    • This event will only take place on Channel 1, in Spirit Valley, @ 181, 314.
    • Unlike Illusionary Emissary Nuclei, the Destiny ones are stackable and may be exchanged at NPC Quark in Aurawhisp Hamlet @ 215, 297, for the X and Y nuclei.
    • The X and Y nuclei can then be exchanged with NPC Soga in Aurawhisp Hamelt @ 99, 445 for the "Ruler of the Day of Destiny" title.


    In order to obtain the "Day of Destiny Illusionary" title for level 71+ characters, one of each of the 12 nuclei must be collected.


    How do you exchange the nuclei for the Title?

    • Please note the times listed are in EST.

      First, you must obtain one of each of the twelve different colors shown above.

    • Please note that days and times of each Emissary may be found here.
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    • After collecting your 12 nuclei, Visit NPC Quark in Aurawhisp Hamlet, @ 215, 297.
    • Make sure you have room in your backpack, unlike the regular nuclei, these ones do not stack and must be in your backpack.
    • With Quark, exchange your nuclei for P, Q and R
    • Now visit NPC Soga in Aurawhisp Hamlet, @ 99, 445
    • Select option "I want to trade P, Q & R Nuclei of Destiny for a reward title."
    • Congratulations!


    Are the nuclei useful for anything else? (Why yes, they are!)

    • Visit NPC Sprite Laim on Angoya Island, @ 902, 418
    • Open Basic Blueprint Shop and turn to page 3.
    • To craft and equip Level 88 Yellow Capes, you must have 36k Sprite Messenger Fame.
    • The blueprint cost is 1800g.
    • See below for which nuclei are needed for each cape.
    • Craft success rate of these yellow capes are 100% (No BAC needed.)




    Guide by slink