[Guide] Condemned Island Chain Quests

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  • Quests for lv88+ characters.


    The Power of Money 1: Receive from Luluza(155, 211 Frostfire Pass)

    So, this entire thing is going to start at this guy named Luluza. He's standing alone at 155, 211 Frostfire Pass and offering a chain quest entitled "The Power of Money 1."

    Go ahead and pick it up, and keep plowing through it. I won't go into too much detail because really, this is all pretty straightforward stuff and I don't think you need your hand held too much.


    Terrible Truth 1: Receive from Darkblaze(344 198 Frostfire Pass)

    For this you'll need to kill some mobs, talk to a guy named Ichibad and step onto Stolak Island. Well, this is all pretty easy. The only thing special is you'll need to complete a talk and talk quest in order to even get to Stolak island, which is all very neatly contained within that Ichibad guy(which you had to do to even get to 86 in the first place, so good on you for that), so just wander back to him(he's at 467 270 Frostfire Pass), talk to him and ask to go to Stolak Island. The rest of this is all walk and talk or kill mob quests, so I'll continue on.


    Miracle Maiden's Footprints 1: Receive from Makka(348 605 Frostfire Pass)

    Now, here's where it may get a little confusing. This quest will require you to kill a few mobs, etc, but, will also require you to walk into a puddle it refers to as "Rin's Hot Spring." Now, you may be thinking to yourself, "oh, hey, there's a spot labeled that on my map! I'll go check there." Yeah, well, while I normally would agree with you and totally wouldn't object, that is actually wrong. Yeah. I went "wat," too. Now then, the area you want to go to is actually at the coords 341, 597, sitting right in front of the Sprite Hot Spring Keeper, Makka. In fact, it's that puddle rigght there in the screenshot. After all that though, again, everything else goes back to being straightforward kill X and walk/talk style.


    Two Extremes 1: Receive from Agogo(487 638 Frostfire Pass)

    Just kill mobs. All straightforward, no real explanation required. Wait, I guess, on part 3 you'll need to walk through Heirloom Peninsula - to prevent any confusion, just make sure you walk through 514 85 on the map and it'll trigger the quest complete.


    Past Achievements 1: Receive from Ronberry(627 139 Heirloom Peninsula)

    Part 1 is easy, just kill mobs. Now, on part 2, you'll be required to step into another specific area. Though, this one is pretty straight forward and not that confusing(though, it's not labeled anywhere on the map). it'll ask you to step in "Towering Cliff," but it's pretty simple. The area is around 570, 523 on Heirloom Peninsula, not far in front of that portal. The rest is, again, all really straightforward. So I'll just leave you to that.


    Magical Spikes 1: Receive from Jikaffe(316 268 Heirloom Peninsula)

    This is all kill mobs, talk to guy, complete quest. It's really easy, so no further explanation here.


    Peg Legs and Justice 1: Receive from Zilnan(194, 647 Heirloom Peninsula)

    Yeah, now we're finally at the quest we want. From here on in though, it's actually not confusing at all. In fact, they're just standard "go kill me mobs" quests. So, go do that, have fun and when you(finally) complete Peg Legs and Justice 6 you can now enter Condemned Island toll free and can acquire the storyline quest that'll let you get to the last boss.

    Guide by Economist_X.