[Guide] Wedding System

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    Step One:

    • Once you are lvl 20, you can visit Merlin in Ilya(281, 274). He will explain that you must visit 3 NPCs in the three major cities. You have to then complete each of their quests.
    • Visit Jessica in Kaslow (68, 246), she will give you her quest. You have to find her pocket watch. To retrieve this you must head to Prairie Cave in Kaslow Plains and kill Rubis for the quest drop. After retrieving the pocket watch, return to Jessica to complete her part of the quest. You will get a title that gives +2% to Physical and Magical Damage as well.
    • You will now get a debuff in which you have to wait 30 minutes to complete the next part.
    • Visit Edward in Ilya (153,200), he will give you the next quest. Talk to him to complete the quest(it is 3 parts; each with a debuff you have to wait for them to go away for the next part) and get another new title. This one gives Increases EXP from killing monsters +10%
    • Once this is finished head to Stan in Jale (119, 145)
    • Once you complete his quest you unlocked another title. This one gives +10% to Treasure drop rate.
    • Now that all 3 quests are complete return to Merlin. Once this quest is completed you can now organize your wedding!
    • Also unlock a yellow title which gives : 2% HP and Energy restores.

    Guide by masterwinstonx

  • Head to Angoya Island and meet up with Wedding Party Organizer Nino (948,529)!

    From here you choose if you want a General or Luxurious Wedding.

    Luxurious Wedding Conditions

    • Purchase the Love Angel Wedding Gift Box (Perm costumes) or Romantic Wedding Gift Box (Temp costumes) from the in-game Item Mall.

    General Wedding Conditions

    • Pay 2,500 Love Coins.
    • Pay handling fee 2500 Gold (paid by those who file the application).
    • Both parties have dated for more than 100 days.
    • Both have “Crystal of Love Burden” status.
    • Both players shall be on line and near each other.

    General Wedding

    • Nino will wed the two players together. Once both players press the confirm option that appears after handing in the application, the two are now a married couple. Afterwards Nino sends both the players a ring in congratulations of their marriage.


    • The Luxurious Wedding ring, 5 Carat Magical Passion Ring, gives better bonuses than the General Wedding ring.
    • If lovers choose this option they must have the Angoya Island Casino Rent Vouchers with them when choosing this option.
    • Once this option is chosen, a special arena will open when anyone can join and celebrate the wedding. If you join the wedding the Casino will take 30g admission fee.
    • The characters getting married must click on the Battlefield icon in the mini-map to enter the Casino.
    • Then the two lovers can go back to Merlin and have him do the vows for the wedding. Once both lovers press the confirm key that pops up, they are now both newly weds. They will also receive rings as a congratulations from Merlin.

    Luxurious Wedding Ring


    General Wedding Ring


  • New passive buffs

    • After marriage you will see that your lover tab has been changed quite a bit.
    • There is now a spot which shows how well the marriage is going. With hints on how to make this go up. With each different lvl of happiness in the marriage, a different passive buff is acquired when the two are in a party together.
    • During Hot Love Period, you get the bonus of: + 20 points to ATK, M-ATK, Defense, M-Defense, and Target ATK and +5 points to Evade.
    • During Sweet Period, you get the bonus of: +15 points to ATK, M-ATK, and Hit.
    • During Stable Period, you get the bonus of: 10 points to defense and M-Defense, +2 points to Evade
    • During Boring Period, you get the bonus of: +1 point to MAX HP and Energy

    Also along side these new passive buffs, there are new buffs you can acquire from the lover sprites in each city.

    • Love's Passionate Stare: When casted, recovers couple 15% HP per second and decreases 20% damage, lasts 5 seconds.
    • Love's Selfless Act: Generates large amount of hate within a circular range of the target
    • Love's Rescue Hug: Pull your partner close to you
    • Love's Ultimate Flash: Cast Blind status to all enemies within a circular range of the target couple; lasts 15 seconds.
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    After the wedding celebration, you may purchase a wedding celebration kit from the Item Mall. This would include Invitations to give to your friends.

    Once you have the items necessary go to Receptionist Jia wei (941, 528) at Angoya Island to enter the wedding room, where the party will take place. During the party you can receive prizes and enjoy the festive fun hosted by the Red Coconut Paradise. Such prizes range from sprite consumables to fortification items, to even SKBs(lvl1-6).

  • Divorce

    Sometimes things just do not work out, so now comes the process of getting a divorce in Grand Fantasia.

    • Go to Merlin in Ilya to apply for a divorce.
    • You then have to pay 2500 gold (by the one applying the divorce), and both players have to be near each other with the rings they received in their backpacks.
    • Merlin will ask for one more confirmation, once both agree the divorce is complete.
    • To complete a divorce without the other there, an AP item will be added. If you have this item and talk to Merlin he can magically separate the two.
    • If your lover uses the AP item, then the one who was not included can now return the ring to Edward to receive a fortune box of consolation.