[Guide] Sprite Battle System

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    1. Complete the following quests:

    *Lv 21 Sprite's Whisper (NPC Yobelia, Ilya 357 68 )

    *Lv 21 Chance for Evolution (NPC Yobelia, Ilya 357 68 )

    *LV31.Master Nanco's Trial (NPC Master Nanco, Sprites' Forest 294 660 )

    2. Be level 31 or higher

    3. Have your main sprite at least level 2 (gained body)

    -How-to do quest:

    1. Go to NPC Master Nanco, Sprites' Forest 294 660

    2. Accept quest make sure you have 1 open slot in your bag.

    3. Accept quest and receive: Challenger Bell

    4. Go to 275 670 and use the Challenger Bell

    5. Kill the 3 Newbie Onboard - Training Spirte

    6. Go back to Master Nanco

    -How to equip your sprite:

    1. Press F6 to open your main sprite's cottage.


    A. Click Details on the cottage then Sprite Equipment

    B. Sprite hat gear

    C. Sprite clothing

    D. Weapon (yes something a character can use)

    E. Cape (yes something a character can use)

    F. Accessory (yes something a character can use)

    G.This will show you the skills the sprite will use depending the gear you equip on D,E and F


    H. 1 handed or 2 handed costume item (yes something a character can use)

    I. another 1 handed weapon if you have a 1 handed on H. (yes something a character can use)

    Note: the GM Enchant and gems will work for the sprite's bonus not yours

    -How-to use:

    1. Set up and gear up the sprite

    2. Right click the sprite icon on the bottom right and pick Summon Sprite


    3. The first option will have the new emoticons

    4. Click the "Change to Battle" to make him attack with you.

    -Where can this new system be used:

    Major cities yes

    Field yes

    Dungeons yes

    M-Dungeons yes

    Guild-Dungeons yes

    Territory war yes

    Sprite King's Fight Club yes

    Sprite arena no

    Fire arena no

    White sand arena no

    No level trial maze no

    -Damage calculator:


    V. Happy------Attack*0.4





    Att Speed

    One hand----10%

    Two hand-----20%



    Possible skills he can have depending on item used:

    Triple Strike

    Improved Triple Strike

    Sword Dance

    Terra Wave

    Improved Terra Ripple

    Shattering Blow 1

    Flash Bomb

    Mage Lightning

    Giant Mage Lightning

    Armor-Cutter Shot 1

    Improved Triple Strike

    Heart Assault

    Triple Strike II

    Improved Triple Strike II

    Sword Dance II

    Terra Wave II

    Improved Terra Ripple II

    Shattering Blow II

    Flash Bomb II

    Mage Lightning II

    GiantMage Lightning II

    Armor-Cutter Shot II

    Improved Triple Strike II

    Heart Assault II

    Triple Strike III

    Improved Triple Strike III

    Sword Dance III

    Terra Wave III

    Improved Terra Ripple III

    Shattering Blow III

    Flash Bomb III

    Mage Lightning III

    GiantMage Lightning III

    Armor-Cutter Shot III

    Improved Triple Strike III

    Heart Assault III

    Song of Origins II

    Song of Origins III

    Song of Origins IV

    Song of Courage II

    Song of Courage III

    Song of Courage IV

    Song of Ward II

    Song of Ward III

    Song of Ward IV

    Song of Ramparts II

    Song of Ramparts III

    Song of Ramparts IV

    Song of Spirit II

    Song of Spirit III

    Song of Spirit IV

    Song of Weakness II

    Song of Weakness III

    Song of Weakness IV

    Song of Paralysis II

    Song of Paralysis III

    Song of Paralysis IV

    Song of Aging II

    Song of Aging III

    Song of Aging IV

    Song of Terror

    Song of Devilry

    Song of the Void

    Song of Grief

    Song of Morass

    Song of Poison Wind

    Song of Despair

    Song of Disaster

    Song of Terror II

    Song of Devilry II

    Song of the Void II

    Song of Grief II

    Song of Morass II

    Song of Poison Wind II

    Song of Despair II

    Song of Disaster II

    Song of Winds

    Song of Fencing

    Song of Crossbow

    Song of Quick Tongue

    Song of Rising Sun

    Song of Springwater

    Song of Poetry

    Song of Concentration

    Song of Blocking

    Song of Tenacity

    Song of Endurance

    Song of Frugality

    Song of Determination

    Song of Light

    Song of Darkness

    Things to keep in mind:

    This is not a "summon" he will not take damage, it is just for additional damage. plus it is so cute *.*

    Guide by GmRomeu