Updating your Graphics Driver

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  • This is a guide on how to automatically update your Graphic Drivers.

    Please be sure to follow along with the steps.

    How to update your Graphics Driver automatically:

    • Press the Start button at the bottom left corner of your screen and select Control Panel from the menu (You can also search for it using the search box if you cannot find it).


    • Select Device Manager.


    • You should see a section called Display adapters, double click it (or click the small arrow next to it) to reveal the name of your Graphics Card.


    • Right Click the name of your Graphics Card.
    • Select Update Driver.


    • This should bring up a new menu.
    • From the new menu, select Search automatically for updated driver software


    • Windows will begin searching online for a driver update.


    • If Windows successfully finds and installs an update driver, please Restart your computer.



    • If Windows does not successfully find a new driver, please click here to follow onto the next step.


  • This is a guide on how to manually update your Graphics Drivers.

    The process may differ between users so please be sure to follow through the steps to see how the process applies to you.

    How to update your Graphics Driver manually:

    • Make note of the name of your Graphics Card from the Device Manager menu under Display adapters


    • In this example it is "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970"
    • Using this information we can determine the name of the manufacturer, which in this case is "NVIDIA"
    • Using your preferred Search Engine, type in the name of the manufacturer of your Graphics Card and visit their website.



    • Note: If you need help with this step, you can find a link to mulitple common Graphics Driver manufacturers websites here.

    • On the website, search for a Driver download section and access it.


    • Using the name of the Graphics Card you noted down earlier, input your information and search for it.


    • This should bring up a list of Drivers for your Graphics Card.


    • Download the latest version of your Graphics Card Driver and save it somewhere you will remember.



    • Locate and run the newly download Graphics Driver file


    • Follow the on screen instructions, and be sure to click 'Yes', 'OK' or 'Next' to any prompts it might give you concerning the installation of your Graphics Driver.



    • Once the driver has been successfully installed, Restart your computer.