Alternative Client Download [Grand Fantasia US]

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    If you're having trouble downloading the Grand Fantasia client via the downloader on the website, or would simply prefer to download the client manually, you can do so by using the link provided above.

    How to Download & Install:

    • Click the Download link provided above.
    • This will bring you to a Google Drive page, containing ''
    • Press the Download button on this page and download the zip file to your computer.
    • Note: It is recommended that you download this file to the root of your C:\ Drive.


    • If you do not have one already, download a zip extraction software such as 7-Zip.
    • Note: If you need help for this, you can scroll down to find a guide in the post below, or click here.
    • Locate the '' file on your computer
    • Right click the file and select 7-Zip (Or your chosen extraction software) > Extract Here
    • If you are asked if you would like to replace any existing files, select 'Yes'.


    • The files will extract themselves into a folder called 'AeriaGames' in the same location.


    • Once this process has finished, you can delete the '' file (Right Click > Delete)


    • Inside the newly created 'AeriaGames' folder should be a 'GrandFantasia' folder
    • Inside the 'GrandFantasia' folder should be a file called 'Launcher.exe' (You might need to scroll down to find it).


    • You can run this file to patch and start the game.

    Happy playing!

  • How to install 7-Zip:


    • This should bring you to a new webpage, and a pop-up window should appear.
    • On this pop-up window, select Save File


    • Locate the saved file (it should be called 'Ninite 7Zip Installer.exe') and run it.
    • Click 'Yes' to any prompts that may appear and let the software install itself.


    • Once the program has finished installing, click Close.