List of Active Bug Reports

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  • One of the Debuffs of skill Toxic Shiv is not activated. Dementive Poison: P-DEF and M-DEF - 20%.

    Date of Report
    Bug Report
    Animation of item Flameborn Phoenix Wings is not working as intended.

    05/19/2017 Quest Radiant Smile - True Happiness cannot be completed
    05/19/2017 You cannot unlock 3 achievements:
    1. Military Supply Hunter
    2. Carso Treasure Hunter
    3. Carso Supply Hunter
    05/19/2017 The staff Truth of Silence is usable for Priest, Cleric, Sage, but not for the evolution of those classes (Prophet and Mystic)
    05/19/2017 Item Sprite's Heretic Sword is equippable by Windshadow and Shinobi classes but Windshadow and Shinobi should not be allowed to equip 2-handed swords
    05/19/2017 Item Intense Training Cracker Set does nothing when you try to open it
    05/19/2017 If a player uses any sort of HP potion when transformed into a Flying Dragon in Hellfire Battlefield, the transformation is removed when it shouldnt be
    05/19/2017 Item Alternative Avatar Suit is incorrectly placed in the Vanity Headgear under Miscellaneous section in the Auction House.
    05/20/2017 lvl 70+ cloaks for the Mechanist/Mechanic class are all tradable and do not require sprite messenger fame.
    05/26/2017 The set pieces of the Eternal Law set is usable for Cleric, Prophet, Saint, Archangel and Druid, Shaman. It shouldnt be used by Druid or Shaman
    05/30/2017 The skill Blessed Explosion for Archangel isn't working. It was supposed to affect the enemies around with damage points, reduction of M-DEF and Paralyze 7 but none of these works.
    06/05/2017 Lover's Item -> Upgraded Protection Good Luck Bag II Can not be opened.
    Nothing happens
    06/19/2017 Attack speed of mobs in Deserted Temple dungeon is too incorrect
    06/21/2017 Time Conflicts: The server times in which some arenas, areas or events open are convenient to US players, but not accessible to DE/IT (EU) players. World bosses and Hall of Judgement have duplicated times, allowing flexibility for all players to join at different times. Please make changes to the times for the following arenas, areas or events.
    06/28/2017 Teleporting to NPC Captain Landitt in Blue Bay will make it so that player cannnot run away from the NPC, will only be stuck there.
    06/30/2017 Player is unable to complete Mission Moro's Comrade. NPC <Secret Forest Hunter> Moro is not giving Secret Forest Wolf's Protection buff when selecting option "Tell me more about the source of the parasites." after killing 300 parasitic monsters.
    07/03/2017 Combat Mounts with Carrying Capacity 2 or more require all riders to meet the level requirment. However, there is a method that allows all other riders that is not the mount holder, of lower levels, to ride on Couple's Combat Mounts.
    07/08/2017 Item #26062 (Burner: Extinguish) weapon Ability (reduce Defense by -15%) is not working. The defense reduction is one of the effects from the weapon ability, all other effects work except this one.
    07/13/2017 When the Mechmaster talent
    'Ancient Talent: Critical Regeneration' 1, 2 or 3 is activated through battle, it is intended heal the player for a percentage of their HP, and then be on a cooldown for the next 10 seconds

    Critical Regeneration 1|Recover 3% of Max HP; Cooldown: 10 seconds.
    Critical Regeneration 2|Recover 4% of Max HP; Cooldown: 10 seconds.
    Critical Regeneration 3|Recover 5% of Max HP; Cooldown: 10 seconds.

    However, instead of preventing the ability from being active for the next 10 seconds, the cooldown is instead also healing the player:

    This should not be happening, it should heal once and then go on cooldown for the next 10 seconds before it is able to heal again.
    07/26/2017 The class skills, for Sharpshooter, Hawkeye, and Predator, Quick Reflexes 1, Quick Reflexes 2, Lightning Reflex 1 and Lightning Reflex 2 have the effect that grants immunity to Stun, Dazzle and Stasis.

    However, the classes Demonologist, Shadowlord and Shinigami have an Ancient Talent, Shock Strike that can still Stun a Sharpshooter, Hawkeye or Predator, even with the skill effect of Quick Reflexes or Lightning Reflex

    07/26/2017 The Darkstalker class branch skill 'Ultimate Spread Poison' is able to stack with higher or lower level versions of itself (Cast by other Darkstalkers) for extreme Defensive cuts.
    07/27/2017 The Mystic class branch skill 'Lethal Arrow'
    is able to stack with higher or lowerlevel versions of itself
    (Cast by other Mystics)
    for extreme Defensive cuts.
    07/27/2017 The Mystic class branch skill 'Feeble Arrow'
    is able to stack with higher or lowerlevel versions of itself
    (Cast by other Mystics)
    for extreme Defensive cuts.

    07/27/2017 The Demonologist class branch skill 'Wraith Breath'
    is able to stack with higher or lowerlevel versions of itself
    (Cast by other Demonologists)
    for extreme Defensive cuts.

    02/09/2017 The quests shown include all the chain quests that lead up to the red quests that give an option to receive one of two achievements. You can only select one red quest, and the other will disappear.

    It was expected that rebirthed characters could "reset" the chain quests to get the other achievement, but the chain quests are not reset via reincarnating. There should be a method where you are able to get both achievements, and thus 100% in the Record of Achievements for Quests.

    All quests are from Timed Rift.
    12/09/2017 The yellow mount prefix, "Bloody Ripper" is bugged on granting it's listed stats. When equipping the starred mount, the bonus stats do not apply to the character.
    22/092017 Bug:
    The Darkstalker class branch skill
    'Assault Machine'
    is able to stack
    with higher or lower
    level versions of itself
    (Cast by other Darkstalkers)
    for extreme damage per second.

    Fix: Disallow the
    'Assault Machine'
    skill from being able to take effect
    if the opponent is already under the
    effects of another level version of this skill.

    If the opponent is currently under the
    effects of a version of
    'Assault Machine'
    that is of a lower level than the one
    being cast - then replace that version
    with the highest level one.

    19/11/2017 The Ancient Talents: Accuracy Interference (ID: Ancient Talent: Accuracy Interference 1, Ancient Talent: Accuracy Interference 2, Ancient Talent: Accuracy Interference 3) and Defense Interference (ID: Ancient Talent: Defense Interference 1, Ancient Talent: Defense Interference 2, Ancient Talent: Defense Interference 3) should apply a debuff on the enemy, but instead they apply as a buff, which can just get removed by the player effected by it. They also can not get removed by debuff removing effects.
    06/23/2017 Jale NPCs at (X:102 Y:265 or X:101 Y:294) do not restore skills after rebirth
    07/08/2017 Daily quest for Sprite Arena or Hall of Judgement does not give exp at Lv.81-90.
    07/08/2017 Lover's buff quests lv 3 cannot be opened by reincarnated characters.
    03/08/2017 Pink Bunny Chainsaw Capsule Toy Can not be opened.
    Nothing happens
    08/08/2017 Some 2H/Shield Costumes does not appear in the back of the character after pressing "z" key.
    15/08/2017 Leaving Siwa Island via <Second Officer> Donte after rebirth can result in being stuck on Siwa Island if you do not update your Soul Crystal.
    19/08/2017 Sprite Aruka from Nia's Book quest is possible to throw him away from the inventory being impossible to get him again afterwards to complete the quest.
    23/08/2017 The skill Cruel Will for DeathKnight
    isn't working properly.
    It is supposed to give you a buff but instead it gives the opponent
    a debuff that can be removed with the level 65 shield
    25/08/2017 The 5-Piece Set Bonus from the set Sundering Blow : Cast Speed +25%, 18% chance of reducing attacker's Physical Critical Rate by -40% for 7 seconds when attacked.

    Doesn't work
    26/8/2017 Characters under level 85 are able to enter Blazing Kaslow
    26/8/2017 Error in "Sprite-Go" Channel; 1, 2, 4, 5 (PVP)
    27/8/2017 Characters in PvP of the blue team can ride in a mount for two people of red team.
    06/08/2017 Item "Sinister Devil's Surprise Capsule Toy - does not open. There's no error message or doesn't open after trying to open the item.
    24/09/2017 In the dungeon Deserted Temple, there is no loot for the mechanics classes. Impossible to say since where the problem is there.

    In the past we could obtain items for this class within the dungeon.

    In all the other dungeons there is loot for mechanics classes.
    14/10/2017 Item "Sports Cap Capsule Toy" - does not open. There's no error message or doesn't open after trying to open the item.
    18/11/2017 Reincarnated players can access the Dungeons that are restricted to their level.
    03/02/2018 Title - GM Wish - Guardian of Light
    25/02/18 Assassin Skill 'Assault Machine' debuff ends prematurely.