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  • My Questions

    Attack Rune Stones VS Power Rune Stones wich is best ?

    What i know about the class so far its that Double att for normal attack is op single target DPS but up to what point?

    AOE DPS gets Stronger with Power Attack dosnt work as good since single hits r a no go

    Given 2 Purple Weapons what stones r a must have Precision Blast are a given 12% power also 10% power but 8 and 6 over 20 and 15% double would it be benefitial strictlly grinding?

    Must have Weapons 100 destroyer Wich ones are a must have?

    100 1h hammer

    100 Bow

    90 1h hammer (Debuff)

    100 Purple Axe (Stones ???) Precision is not a must at this point since cap Crit damage is reached otherwise 100 hammer 1h alone has a 78% potential perma, Blast is good for the 200 str but is it really a must? attack speed is caped with self buffs, is 14%power 12% and 10% best option maybe a 20%double instead of the 10% is 60k Attack reached with buffs without the need for Purp if so what weapon would substitute purp? 95 1h Axe for the potential Double Att trigger with VFS 4 6% power 10% double? again power needed on thisone?