Crimsonited is Recruiting!

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    Hello, we are Crimsonited, and we want you! If you're cool, that is.

    About us:

    • One of the largest and most active international guilds. We come from all ethnicities and backgrounds!
    • Multidisciplinary guild - We specialize in PvP, PvE, GvG, and social aspects!
    • Level 10 (max) guild, with Alice as our Sprite Queen (with occasional use of Ginny)!
    • Weekly Guild War box guardians in different cities!
    • Weekly guild Vilesfiend Spire runs to 20F!
    • Level 7-8 Yggdrasil active all days of every month!
    • Monthly guild events with awesome prizes!
    • We run an active and fun Discord server!

      also ...

    • Read our guild interview here!
    • Some GvG videos: x | xx | xxx
    • GF World Tournament video here!

    What we are currently looking for:

    • Active players.
    • Must be LEVEL 91+ and willing to level up.
    • Highly preferred if rebirthed (exceptions can be made).
    • Reasonably active for GvG.
    • Only main characters are allowed. Once you are accepted with your main, you can then have your alts recruited too.
    • Lighthearted people with a sense of humor. We are here to have fun!

    Who to contact about recruitment:

    or simply reply to this post!


    Please note that once you post here or contact somebody, you have to be voted into the guild. Voting could take up to 3 days so please be patient!

    Thank you and good luck applying!