[Guide] 6k Archive Buff Tips

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  • So you finally decided to work on your archive, yes? Well it takes quite a long time if you are starting from scratch and have no idea what you are doing, so I have put together this small guide to point out some things you might have forgotten about the archive… Before you continue onto the guide, here are some disclaimers:

    • Building up your archive to 6k points does require gold,
    • Patience
    • And Hard Work.
    • Not everything in this guide costs gold to get
    • Most of it does though...

    { { w h e r e t o s t a r t o f f . . .

    1. Free Game Obtainable Items are a must. Most of these items in the archive are free to get or very easy to get. These free items which can muster up to 1350 points are:

    • Class Unique Costumes
    • Class Unique Weapons
    • Rebirth Costumes
    • Rebirth Mounts
    • Rebirth Sprite Gear
    • Rebirth Nuclei
    • Nia’s Textbook questline
    • Current City event costumes (there is a new one every month)
    • Day 6 & 7 of Daily Login Reward boxes (day 7 gives you 2 chances to getting any 10 point archive costume)
    • Sakura Island Masks & Costumes from dark souls

    2. Game Obtainable Items which cost little to no gold. I should have put this in the number above but then people would have complained that “thOSe aRe nOT fREe!!” These very cheap items include:

    • Sprite Misc from main city Sprite Merchants
    • Sprite Furniture from main city Sprite Merchants
    • Masks from Magician Fantasy Mask Stones (obtained from oclay or ACV MQ)

    3. Fame Required Items. Some of these can get pricey but don't worry you can handle them, a few PT runs would suffice. These items include:

    • Sprite Altar Misc in various maps
    • Mount merchants in the main cities
    • Quill Publishing Quest Books (requires fame to do the higher ones which gives masks)

    4. Items that Require effort to get. These items can range from being free to being a lot of gold. Nonetheless, they still require a tremendous amount of effort to obtain.

    • Guild War Chest sprite misc & capes
    • Rose Emblem Shop costumes
    • Level 65+ Gold Class Unique Headdresses
    • Mini-monster weekly care-packages
    • Jelly Rabbit masks & Capes from Jelly Rabbit Coin Boxes
    • Mutated Dungeon Mount Drops, Dungeon MO Mounts & VFS Costume Headdresses
    • Dark Sprite Capes
    • Sprite King’s Trial Stones & the Blue Bay Stone
    • Sprite Island Decor
    • Sprite Adventure Shards & Apprentice/Master Shards

    Completing everything above will get you up to 4,712 Archive Points. Time for the next level, get your gold ready.

    { { o n t o t h e n e x t l e v e l . . .

    1. Collecting all the different legacy armors. You can get the basic 6 legacy sets from the First Time Spender Package, which includes, Warrior, Archer, Mage, Priest, Machinist and Drifter. Thats 6 points each piece. 5 Pieces per set. Collecting all the current archived legacies will get you 1030 Archive Points.
    2. Crafting all the low level yellow equipment. SKB3s and SKB4s are not that hard to get as well as the materials you need to craft the yellows from 50-70. Crafting only the yellows from 50-70 can get you 384 Archive Points.
    3. Saphael trivia. This is a very easy but time consuming boost to your archive points. The recommended level requirement for doing ALL the trivia scrolls is 100, but since almost all of them do not require to kill something too hard, you can do all your trivia from all maps at level 80 or 70 the lowest. There are no level requirements for the maps so doing trivia is very attainable for all levels. Doing all of the current archivable trivia will get you an additional 768 archive points.

    Doing the above would bring you to a grand total of 6,894 archive points. Well past the current 6k archive buff. I haven’t touched upon all of the ways in which you can get points, just the semi-easily obtainable ways.