mishiii's barter and crafting thread ♥

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    ♡ Auction House Portal 250 ea
    ♡ Bank Portal 250 ea
    ♡ Transporter Stone 250 ea
    ♡ European Gaia's Soul Gem 1 ea
    ♡ Gaia's Blessing Lv4 25 ea
    ♡ Bank Key 3 ea
    ♡ 2% VIT / 6% STR nucleus 1 choice ea
    ♡ Radioactive Orange Halloween Candy 50 ea

    FREEBIES ARE AVAILABLE VIA DM ONLY. If I get a whisper in-game about it, I will not be sending the above.


    ♡ Frost Power 4g ea
    ♡ Saphael's Soul of Honor
    ♡ Taro Demon Horn / Fur / Hands

    ♡ Taro Hermit Direction
    ♡ Taro Lover Shackles

    ♡ Wonderland Style Island Decor, full set
    ♡ Galactic Nucleus of Strength
    ♡ Jazzy Chapeau 5k each
    ♡ L100 Legendary / Myth Enchantments 700g ea

    ♡ Prices and information here.

    Keep an eye out for promotions and crafting freebies (posted on the excel as well)!

    Poke in-game at mishiii / konyo or DM at meanchelle#3612

    { ingame konyo or mishiii | discord meanchelle#3612 | guild crimsonited }

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