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    If any PM, APM, or CM notices this, pleade read it untill the end and dont just ignore it.

    Can we, the community, get any information what currently is going on behind the game? The last time we heard something from the PM team was when the merge between the Sanctum and Siwa servers was *announced*, and that was almost half a year ago. The economy of the game is getting worse every week which scares away new, old and returning players. Also latest Tiered Spenders, especially over christmas and new years, which have always had the best TS, had been a pretty big letdown. And the worst is that there is no communication. We want to know what is going on, we want to be involved. And if its only some words once a month, give us something. Dont leave us outside in the dark, its pretty cold out here.

    Thanks for reading

    Reviving this post:

    Destroyer: /

    Holy Knight: Dextera, Togatsu doing good too

    Shinobi: Guess what its Ryozo

    Predator: Okarushi best Ive seen in the past weeks

    Archangel: Aeniami

    Druid: noone I can remeber worth mentioning

    Warlock: FrozZen I guess, havent seen many

    Shinigami: Armang0, Shaoran, both super annoying

    Mechmaster: JJHistory

    Artillerist: Excadril for making the class look not as bad as it is

    Phantom: LadyDaddy best Ive seen

    Chrono: none worth mentioning

    Grand Fantasia Community Tournament (GFCT)

    Hello everyone!

    With the excitement of the GFWT we all had in the last couple of weeks and

    our Lords and Saviours Ushi No Kami bringing home the trophy for us, many players are

    hungry for more! Thats why I present you:

    The first Grand Fantasia Community Tournament!

    Starting with this one we plan to host some tournaments with special rulesets to give players a special PVP experience and give them the chance for some prices! Our main goal with this is to encurage anyone to go ahead and host some kind of PVP event or tournament, so we can have many more of those in the future! But without further ado I present you format for the first GFCT:


    Arena: Sprite Battlefield, 3v3 matches around this place:

    Each arena is created by a GS, and there will be a GS on each team to ensure rules are followed. Players are not allowed to attack crystals.

    If you die in any match you must remain dead until one team is eliminated.

    Each match will last 10 minutes. After 10 minutes the team with the most standing players wins. If there are an equal amount of kills on each team then the team with the most damage wins.

    Level Requirment: 100

    Teams: Only 8 teams are allowed to sign up per tournament.

    The format is single elimination, quarter and semi finals are best of 3, finals are best of 5.

    Do & Dont's:

    Consumes: None permitted

    Mushrooms: None permitted

    HP and MP Potions: All permitted (These must be purchased by the player)

    Equipment: All permitted

    Titles: All permitted

    Mounts: No mounts/Combat mounts

    Nuclei: All permitted

    Skills: All skills permitted except for Heavenly Punishmend (Archangel), Fog of Fear (Shinigami) and Space Exile (Phantom)

    Lover buffs: None

    Marriage passive buff: Allowed

    Yggdrasil buff: Allowed

    Classes: May only have one character from the Machinist and drifter class branch (no two mechanists/ drifter and no mechanist + drifter branch), no class may be duplicated.

    Runway Costumes: Allowed

    Mount Costume Slot: Allowed

    Class Ultimate: Allowed

    Sprite Emblems: Allowed

    Timed Event Items (Ex: Blue Bay Blessing Stone): None permitted.


    Sadly we are not able to provide you with a one million AP price like the GFWT does.

    Since we as normal players who cant afford good prices on a regular basis, we decided this:

    Every team that wants to enter the tournament has to pay 50 Clays as an entry fee, which will make the price pool. The winning team will get the whole price pool, so 400 clays if we get the full 8 teams into participating in the tournament.


    The tournament will take place on Saturday and Sunday, the 15th and 16th of December starting 10:00 server time! Schedule will be revealed on Saturday the 8th of december. Please be there at least 5 minutes before your match starts!

    Teams can sign in by messaging us via Discord @Kyorai#9267 or @Mosia#5708 until the 7th of december 18:00 server time!

    The whole tournament while be organized through our discord, so atleast one member of each team has to join!

    I hope this has clarified everything, if there are any other question feel free to ask! I will try to answer them asap! We're also happy for any kind of feedback you have regarding the rules, format or anything else!

    In the end special credits to Mosia for having this great idea and working out the ruleset, and [GS]Nyx who will help us making all of this happen!

    Like most other people here I 100% agree that MO limit and FD need to come back. When aeria tried to remove multi logging, the community decided that this is not a solution, so this is the only thing we can do and have to do. I really appreciate the positive reactions to this thread, as in the past most people were really upset when the topics FD and MO limit came up. A lot of people posted great ideas, like the Gold Underground shop, which some people like me never heard about but which seem to me like a really good way to take some gold out of the game, and I think if the CMs/ PMs listen to the voices of their GS and some players its possible to create an underground gold shop which fits the server as it is today and does its job in removing gold. Other ideas I had regarding gold sinks are more guild VFS groups -> removes gold and brings more items into the game which currently are pretty expensive, or something I thought about is a way to spend gold from a guilds bank to save the Yggdrasil level you archived on the past month, so if you had yggdrasil on stage 6 your guild can pay smt like 30k to save this stage for the next month (like I said just an idea, can still be worked on and is probably pretty hard to implemet).

    To sum it up, we NEED MO limit, FD and more ways of gold sink, else we will never stop the inflation on our server and clays will be 10k each one day.

    #savesanctum <3

    We all know that Grand Fantasia is not the game with the most playerys, but we have a very stable playerbase which goes up and down from time to time, but old as well as new players are still here to enjoy this game. We are a small community, and its really hurts to see the hatred that exists between some players. Of course banter and flame is a part of this game, like it is in any other online game, but seeing some players talking legit bad stuff about others or hating each other for some stupid conflicts or because they are in a certain guild is just childish and bad for everyone. We are all here playing this GAME to have some fun and a good time, and seeing people fighting left and right every day is not fun at all. We all want to see this game alive for a few more years, and insulting others/ trying to get others banned for no reason does not help with this.
    We are a small community, we should stick together more than ever so we can stay one. Just enjoy the game.

    Thanks for reading