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    Have you tried to activate your ssl 2.0 and 3.0 in your internet option under the advanced tab?

    Can you provide us a screenshot of the launcher please !!

    Also, be sure to enter your nickname and password in the launcher, and not in the game as it used to be. If you can't, make sure to use the right launcher cause there's two of them in the folder.

    Keep us updated :)


    Hello Jell-o

    First of all i want to thank you for your wonderful ideas :) Its always a pleasure to read all of your ideas and imagine them.

    I will give your idea to the team but we aren't the one that vote or implement them.

    A few years ago, i've imagined an acrobat with a few people on the FR forum.

    We've created the skills, and we imagined them fighting... It was quite fun.

    If the idea pleases you, You can send me a message on my wall and we will imagine your dreamclass together.

    Lots of love your way


    Wow :P

    The eyes in this one are so alive.

    Do you mind if i share your drawings with the french communauty? I will tell (or not if you prefer) your name on the forum.

    Thank you very much again for that moment of pure cuteness