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    I need to do my homework but here I am. Not doing my homework.

    Tried coloring it from memory first because I didn't have a picture of the costume with me, but I was a little off. :,) Was lowkey tempted to continue with those colors though but I decided in the end to stay true to the original costume.

    Thank you so so much omg,, I'm happy you like how it turned out ;_;

    So stuff happened and idk if I'll be able to open my commissions here,, but I'll leave an update if I'm able to later. Anyways! A chibi headshot of my character after that gender change capsule 8-)

    I have to finish my other commissions before I actually open commissions here haha;; but here are some chibi floaters of my avas!

    Also, I've pretty much settled on prices, but the prices are based on my actual commission prices and the AP-to-gold ration that was before the ban. So if you are unhappy with the prices, you don't have to commission, but please do not complain about the pricing! Will update here when I open them!

    If you have any questions (or want to see more examples of artwork in these styles), you can dm me in discord! Soshiki_Kao#7003)

    wow beautiful art, i will definitely be stalking this thread for more of your content and when you decide to sell, i will gladly be your first customer!!

    AAAA ;-; I'm honored you'd even consider commissioning! Thank you!

    Hello!! I used to play this game ages ago, but I've returned after a few years haha; thinking of opening commissions for ingame gold, but I'm still working on prices and stuff, so for now, I'll just be sharing if I draw fan arts for the game! Decided to change my cosmetics and drew my character!

    Please do not use, repost, trace, steal, etc. my art!