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    Also, don't worry guys, the applicants were checked and if a serious offense was committed it was a really long time ago and it was ONLY ONCE. And since then, they played it more cool.

    So yes, let's forgive them for their sins "Hallelujah"! The only thing they should prove to the community is their motivation and desire to help others, that's all what matters here!

    I will make sure personally that nobody in the new team spread negativity
    and that they help as much as they can on their favorite part of the "job", when they are available on their free time.

    Gonna add my 5 cents to the highlighted parts, okay?

    The first one - No, it wasn't long time ago as you claim, it's a very consistent behavior throughout years of playing from all the way in the past till recent days/weeks before GS application. I am not sure what you consider long time ago, it's a very vague statement, but I can reassure you that in general scope, you are incorrect about your judgement, and majority of people familiar with the person will give you this exact same opinion.

    The second one - No, false. That is not the only thing that matters. You need someone who is respected by the community. No one is gonna listen or obey someone just because of 2 letters in front of their name and muting powers. If you put there someone who is as massively disliked by majority, you are just asking for further conflicts and troubles, thus shooting yourself in the foot. Just cause for a few days someone wants to help doesn't mean you instantly should put everything else to the side and let them do so.
    Also, riddle me this, okay? IF their motivation and desire to help is so big, what stopped them from doing so till now? Or why they attitude has suddenly seemingly changed from the moment applications are up. I do not buy it, sorry.

    The third one - I think that's gonna be hard for you to do, judging from the fact you can only recognize negativity when it suits you, and you're hardly available at all to know these people or listen to them.

    Look, I'm all up for this. But realize you're in quite a gamble now. If you ignore the players feedback and make a bad call here, you will just further undermine the already fragile connection between players and the company, and I can promise you the conflicts GSs will have to deal with won't be fun as well. If you need these people just to be your translators, it's 2019, there is technology that can replace them.

    Think for yourself, how would you feel if you were a player, and I made hmm, I don't know, Aryzo a GS. But hey, I reviewed his past, and I am sure he has changed, so have fun, your opinion does not matter.

    As one of the applicants on the list, and after reading some of your comments, I can understand your frustration. I've been playing this game 8+ years and still have not reached lvl 100 on a toon yet. That's fine I'm working on it. I am primary based on pvp channel because it's quieter and easier to grind without lots of people around. I do help people regularly where I can with the knowledge I have gained over the years. I'm also on daily. Yes I'm unknown to most of you because I've always stayed within in my guild helping others or new players that have just joined and need a hand with low level dungeons and information, some even join the guild I'm in because of it, some don't. Try to understand just because you don't know someone doesn't mean they are a bad person or don't wish to help. One of the reasons I wished to be a GS was to give back to you all who helped me including previous GS's who we all miss dearly. Even if I don't make GS all you have to do is give me a whisper and I'd be more than happy to help where I can. My characters are in my signature, so feel free to give me a whisper in game or you can easily message me on discord Kitty#9171. I'm always online via discord.

    So do you expect the community to "accept" you as GS based purely on good faith? No one said that you're a bad person, what we're saying is that there is absolutely no validation out there of your eligibility or capability to become a GS. We've seen nothing from you in-game (not even your name), you have literally 2 forum posts as of this time (I'm not even active on forums and have more posts than you), no significant GF Discord activity, no involvement with the community; the list goes on. Remember that your GS tag makes you a representative of the whole EN community, so if your community involvement is only limited to your guildmates, then you better stay off GS because these tags are for the whole lot of GF, not just that little portion of the game you call guildmates.

    I will end my rant with this quote from our lord and savior Itachi, which pretty much summarizes what I've said:

    I think the picture itself summarized it better than we all did together.
    Kitty I do hope however, it doesn't come across as if people in general directly do not want you to be a GS. If anything, yes, I guess we both can agree that it's normal we are skeptical about you, and other people. With you, it's because to many of us, you're relatively unknown person. With other applicants, it may the be same, but there's also negative past and present tied to them that matters a lot, and bothers people. That is not your case, so don't worry. If you make it through, I'm sure you will have enough room to prove yourself to the rest of community. :thumbup:

    i'm not sure about what im going to say but im pretty sure we will never have back Nyx and Darkshade, the problem of communication and the no respect that CMs/PMs have with GSs put Nyx and Darkshade to take the decision to leave their role.

    @[CM]Parex the rules was pretty clear, if you get a ban cant became a GS. i've never partecipate to the application since i got a lot of ban in past (before the merge).

    That is a good point, if we should not throw shade at players who did bad things in previous years, whats the point of not allowing players an application who had a previous ban even if temporary.

    I like that this point has been thrown out there. You know, you have to understand that you have set certain rules for applications. To be specific, as mentioned above,

    • Have a clean history - not previously banned or have behavior issues with staff or the community.

    I can instantly pin point a name that has behavior issues through the whole time and it has not changed, both with staff and with community. I think the no ban rule is a bit harsh, though. I am firm believer that people can change, at least to some degree maybe. However, you cannot first implement rule, where you pretty much state that your whole history matters, and then disregard that statement here, saying bashing for things from 2013 is irrelevant argument. Either your past matters, or it doesn't. You have to make up your mind on that next time, because publishing short list like this, is indirectly a spit to the face to all the applicants you have denied, all the people who didn't apply to begin with based on your rules, and to all the players who may have to deal with incompetent Game Sages.

    I remember when I was around 12 years old and began my adventure in this game, and first heard of the term Game Sage, I imagined this dorky middle aged go-to person that people like and accept as community, and the Game Sage in return had very positive bond with the community overall, of course tied with a lot of knowledge and passion for the game. You know, basically walking wikipedia, but in person. I have met Game Sages like that, even CMs, and I am grateful that we had them around. For me, it's important that the value of the tag remains the way they left it years ago, and keeps getting enhanced by the new generation, not decaying. I think it's safe to say, after almost 9 years, It's very hard for me to say that I feel the same excitement . I do not think it always have to be like that, though, maybe this situation can recover.

    You can talk to us. We do not bite. A lot of us grew up in this small community.
    This short list is a bit of a mess, and could have been avoided easily. I am glad to see the feedback form has been published, that is a good step forward. But I think it's reasonable that people are upset. I see you saying that you reviewed the applicants and their connections, but it doesn't seem like that to the people who play this game daily for years.

    Hopefully, the right people will get selected and will outperform our expectations. For all the less known applicants - By all means, if you make it in, and prove me and everyone else that you are competent, nothing would make me happier than that. I do hope for that sincerely. And hopefully, the next time there's gonna be GS apps, it's gonna be handled in much better manner.

    I don't want to bring up any names specifically to the play right now, but I'm really concerned how some people made it to the interview stage. Have you bothered to research the players history even in the slightest? You can check in-game chat logs and see instantly several people are not qualified.

    That being said, there was no chance to provide feedback. There was no public list of applicants; thus no practical way of giving feedback, but on top of it, you did not give us a platform to do so. So, that's my small complaint about this. Given the odds they pass through interviews and become a GS, you might as well give the tag to the Gold Selling bots in Kaslow, they would at least be more active than some of the current ones. Excuses as work or school are not valid, majority of the game population are working adults or studying teens, and they clock in solid 4-8 hours a day.

    I am glad there is seemingly huge interest in becoming Game Sage. I am not happy about the fact that the tag is being handed out for free to people that are as close to being GS as me to being a pope. In all honesty, I'd rather have 3 GSs that are overqualified, and not 10 GSs that have practically no connection to the community, or in-depth knowledge of the game and the society within. I understand the priority right now takes language skills over anything else, hence why there is probably fair amount of relatively unknown people. Maybe it's just-a-me perspective, but I think if needed, any english speaking GS can help players with google translate if needed. However, you can't make up for the lack of knowledge or experience with active players, or log-in hours/timezones. I think personally those are more important things, rather than focusing on fluent german/italian speakers and ignoring the rest of attributes they have, which are or could be negative.

    Quality over quantity. If the quality continues to decline, I think it's fair suggestion to shut down the whole role once and for all.

    Few words towards the whole thing.

    First of all, good job to everyone involved on putting it together or contributing in any way. These are very important things that needed to be adressed, one way or another. I absolutely agree on every single point, well structured, backed up, nothing to really discuss here. However, i still got few thoughts.

    I know it may be a little bit unrelated, but the very first time i read this at work, I was really happy to see things are moving forward. But few things struck me. For example, I view CMs and us, players, in a tight symbiotic relationship. Or to be more accurate, a parent-child sort of relationship. Small kids shouldn't have the need to get to point knowing they shouldn't eat too many sweets or their teeth go bad. You have parents for that, who do those decisions for you, traditionally. And its same here. There shouldn't be a need for us, as community, come to these conclusions and come to people above us, begging them to do their job. To me it just feels like, the CMs are either uncapable, or unwilling to make decisions to change things.

    There's been a mention of upset playerbase being the reason of nothing changing. I think the current situation is no longer question of players satisfaction or preference. The economy is in absolutely trainwreck state and something HAS to be done, regardless of players opinion, there is nothing to discuss here at all. Safety measures regarding economy should have been put in place the moment the curve starting going up, and provide brief explaination about the situation, players concerns are irrelevant when the quality of life within the game is in danger. I'm glad we are talking about it, but I think overall this shouldn't be a topic worth needing discussion, cause there is nothing to discuss in situation like this.

    I like to see our players and GSs being responsible enough to fill in this parent figure into the game and adress issues, hell, even propose solutions. But I'd like to see this comming from people who are paid to make decisions and maintain certain quality within the game, not getting to the point where players themselves have to step out from trying to play the game, but have to actively save it, or no one else seems to care. That's what really upset me, as someone who grew up playing this game, with lots of passion for it. If a CM reads this, I do not mean any of this in bad light or manner. I'm hoping this is more or less of a mirror to see how people feel, and how things should be. We shouldn't pull opposite directions. As I mentioned above, we are very closely tied, and it would be better for everyone to cooperate, so I'd really like to see some things change. Bottom line, maybe a bit more transparency. More of those producer letters, updates on situations, explainations for certain decisions, and so on. To me, it shows you care, and creates bond between you and community. I believe it can happen, otherwise I wouldn't be saying any of this.

    I think right now, as mentioned in previous responses above me and the post itself, game needs 2 things. Slower access to gold generating systems, and bigger gold sinks. Underground Gold Shop (UGC further) was amazing system introduced many years ago, however it didnt work out for too long because of the high demand. It wasn't based on automatic system like buying things from NPC, so it kept the staff too busy. GSs didn't have access to the orders, so the only people who had manipulation priviledges were CMs back then. I think UGC would be nice addition to the game and useful gold sink, however it should be either automatized, or let GSs handle the orders. The team is already short handed and can barely manage RTs, I think adding heavy load like UGC is dangerous. So yeah, I'd love to see it back, I believe it would be effective solution, but it needs some improvement, or else its bound to fail after few months at best. In addition, gold raffles are not bad idea, but it needs to become more frequent than annual.

    That'd be for a gold sink, and well, to stop the massive gold generation, there needs to be MO limit and Final destination (FD further), 100%. ALTHOUGH, I think it's not that simple. I'm not sure if I remember the timeline correctly, so im using the data given by your research - the giant spike happened on 8th of march, 2015, when MO limit was removed, and further spike went up few years later when FD has also been removed. FD has been introduced sometime around 23rd September, 2013. At this time, I am sure MO limit was still 5. I see no spike in prices though, prior to this addition or after it. The line is almost so straight around this time, you could be making very controversial jokes about it, but I'll resist the urge.
    Where I'm trying to get with this paragraph is very important detail - As long as there is MO limit in place, FD makes no real significant difference, atleast not the one I could read throug the graph reflecting on prices and inflation overall. However, seeing MO limit not existing, FD was a slight stopgap from people abusing logging 5 chars on their own. Once FD AND MO limit got removed, the negative effect just got worse. The game was fine when MO limit existed without FD.

    Right now, we need both. I think we need every possible way there is to avoid this situation getting worse. But at the same time, while I fully agree on MO limit, I think FD should not be permanent solution. I think everyone who remembers or still does split runs, especially in places like BFR, FT, DD and Prismata, will agree FD is really not user friendly mechanism. I think FD as mechanism is very imperfect solution to a large scale problem. Definitely right now we have no other choice but to bring both back. But for future, I'd like to see FD being replaced with different measure, allowing people to still practice split runs, where you're not required to enter last boss room. What I'm trying to say is, we shouldn't permanently settle for user-unfriendly solutions as only solutions. For now though, FD is 100% needed, just hopefully not forever.

    There's so much I wanted to talk about about, but I'd like to just sum it up on positive note, that I'm really glad things are moving towards the right direction, and seeing some players put in so much work into projects like these, and having community provide useful feedback and ideas. It really does make me happy, and grateful. But it can't stop here. Things need to start changing. I don't care at what scale, but it needs to start now, because yesterday was already too late.