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    Warlock is one of the worst PvE classes. Especially for things he mentioned.

    Destroyer is the class you want - highest PvE DPS and good survivability due to leech and shields.

    like i say even if you close dunguns forever it wont force me to sell items low

    If you stop people from spamming MOs all day they won't have as much gold as before and can't afford 1,3k Clays anymore. Due this, the seller of the clays can't sell his clays anymore, which makes him to sell them at lower prices. This effect is obviously not going to happen at the same day, but slowly it will, with some time.

    Also, Dark is talking about generating gold, not trading between gold which is already in the circulation. And if players generate more gold, things are going to be more expensive - no matter if they are rare or not.