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    B u m p. :)

    I'm still waiting. Seeing some progress with the Item Mall work but it really doesn't feel like much. The bans are.. something. But you're just making more work for your lovely CMs.

    How about a MO limit? :^) The Underground gold shop? Better tiers? Bogo with your dumb tiers with just costumes on them?

    There's SO many suggestions in this thread and Dark illustrated the issue SO well. Why wasn't he heard better?

    "Proper and impactive solution" when?


    But it's ok. I know no one really cares.

    LF> More discussion since the economy is getting worse. : D

    Once upon a time, I sent a RT asking about the state of the economy and this thread. I got a reply along the lines of "Give us time to respond with a proper and impactive solution."

    *Cricket noises*


    Never heard of it. Anyways, b u m p? I won't let you be forgotten, Dark!!

    .. I sent that RT December 4th lul.

    Good job, Dark and Adam. It's been painful watching you guys work on this because wowwie, it was a lot of stuff to go through. ♥ #makegfgoldworthsomethingagain.

    Now for some of my thoughts and some stuff I've seen come up while discord lurking.

    • +1 for FD and MO limit please. This gold in the game comes from SOMEWHERE. We need to fix that before trying to change some things or we'll be back to where we started.

    • Bringing the Underground Gold Shop back would be a great sink. There's so many types of items you could put in the shop. A few examples being: 10 pt archive items, MFIs, SKBs, 95/100 TW rings, older costumes from when the game was released, GM titles, Advanced stone formulas or maybe even Intermediate/Advanced stones themselves.

    Heck. I'll be bold and suggest this but, 90 taro set pieces. Not an entire set, goodness no. But a piece every few months, priced fairly of course. I've seen pieces sit around 50k each and some pieces even reaching 150k if the person needs that specific piece but no one has it.

    It'd be very important that everything in the Underground Gold Shop is priced carefully and fairly, and that prices would change with the state of the economy/value of gold. Yeah, this requires some managing but you could fix the prices as you change the items.

    • Gold raffles please. Make them really worth spending the gold on tickets. Release a costume exclusively through the raffle if you have to. An exclusive costume is motivation to dump gold on tickets, people wanna look "uwu so unique and kawaii" on this game. Use this to your advantage. Maybe throw in the ability to rename a npc as a raffle prize? I'd buy tickets to be able to do that.

    • A NPC that sells (or a way to purchase them with gold) the old event boxes using gold. The ones with 10pt costumes AND consumables in them. Price them reasonably and people will buy them. Have you SEEN Taiwan's archive buff? Good luck; you better start somewhere.

    • I'd love to buy NT mallets, chisels, portals and other consumable things from somewhere. Maybe set a limit per character so this isn't abused too much.

    • Revamp the item mall. Revamp the tiers. Make better tables. LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYERS, AERIA. We're the ones providing your paycheck. You could at least try to make us happier. MFI9s? Never heard of them. Why do they cost 120k and even then, we can't find them?

    Also, you're probably tired of hearing this but; update the archive. Tier costumes that just sit in my bank don't motivate me to spend AP.

    Ok, bye. uwu

    To be honest, this makes me really uneasy.

    • Every submission to this contest can and will be used by Aeria Games for promotional purposes.

    You're getting the rights to do whatever with the entries and the prizes aren't even that great for the amount of work that it takes to make art.

    But hey, I hate our current background. So here's my entry. Madelynn and Eliza being cuties. Crawford gets no love because he's a butthole who 1-shots everyone. Done in the vector-like style that you see some animes done in for wallpapers. A solid 8 hours of work.