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    Seeing as we were pinged for this, I'm inclined to agree about the points made heavily clear on this thread that some things has to change.

    Another point to push forward with initiating MO Limits and Final Destination would be to encourage players to form a more cooperative game play which would liven up the game even more so considerably. A few years back (2014 - 2015?) when it was implemented, It's a normal thing to witness people forming parties looking for other people to do dungeons with because it had a limit and meant something back then. It made people interact with other people instead of just soloing every dungeon. It also meant newer players could interact with veteran players and formed bonds of friendship and taught them how to do things.

    Every reset, people would be clamoring to find parties and that definitely felt more like an active community to me, people then were competing to do dungeons daily for ranking purposes.

    Another thing to point out would be to possibly have better monthly ranking rewards, I feel like this reward system has been sorely overlooked over the years of this game and it shouldn't have to. I mean, people sure did compete before to get the crown archive for things like that, imagine how much more competition there would be if they could get something actually worthwhile from it.

    Sacrosanct has officially retired as of October 2018. We are no longer recruiting.

    I haven't tested the damage decrease on a taro lover set yet but I think it does? I'll have to do that and let you know what the result is. I think it's a good idea to get a lover set if you can, it's quite good for pve and probably balanced for pvp, I've not tried doing pvp with it so I can't be very sure.

    I'll advise against having a full purple set, you'd most likely do better with a lover set since you're close to 90. Also, if you can tough it out with your current equipment to 90, you can just try using a 90 purple axe instead.

    I can't give you much advise for pvp dest though, as I've built mine purely for pve. But if I had to choose, I would most likely use taro hermit at 91+ pvp if I had no other pvp sets available.

    So, a few things:

    • You may want to update your weapon and try using a lv85 purple axe to see if that could help you make a difference.
    • Breaking down the dungeon in parts (your "stopping points") would also help you figure out what is the most effective for you.
    • Don't be scared to use consumables, a lot of attack consumables are cheap at the moment and some do last until 30 mins.

    Have you tried running the dungeon on full yellow gear? The lv80 set's 5pc bonus is really good, specially with the double attack and crit damage. What you can do is run with a shield to your destination, buff yourself and make sure NOT to attack anything yet so you won't get the debuffs, then blitz with your dps.

    Some other things to note:

    • Work on your masteries and max your dps masteries (dual weild damage and normal axe attack damage).
    • Try to get the ethereal beauty buff 4 on TISC's island before grinding, it helps immensely.

    EDIT: A few more things to note, you don't need to prioritize attack speed since you'll be AOEing mostly, try to use titles/talent setups that either supports your dps or survivability e.g. Honorary Crying Sailor (+10% Melee Attack) and/or GM Titles to bolster your hp/def/mdef if you have any.

    If you can post your gears / what stones they have here, I could try to maybe check and see what you're missing in terms of equips.