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    Mentioning active pvpers only:-

    Destroyer: XV2 (tanky af tbh, decent dps on pvp set n fast xtal cap) , xXPuppetXx (good use of taros , knows how to play)

    Holy Knight : Dextera (good teamwork n high dps ), Mosia (although rarely seen)

    Shinobi : Ryozo (tanky n has a very high dps compared to other shinobi, knows how to play the class too well)

    Predator : MiracleArrow (fast cap n high dps not to mention tanky as well)

    Shinigami : -

    Warlock : Killua (one hitting people ) , oSeki (getting better)

    Druid : -

    AA : -

    Gunner : Excadrill (no comment; too op)

    Mechmaster : RaijinGod , JJHistory , Optix (instant kill someone that they locked on )