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    Destroyer: None

    Holy Knight: Dextera

    Predator: None

    Ryozo: Ryozo

    Druid: None

    Archangel: Fuji, Sunny

    Warlock: Killua

    Shinigami: None

    Artilleriet: Excadrill.

    Mechamster: Shyxor

    Phan : Need to see more

    Chro; Need to see more

    - JJ

    WL: none

    TEMP: none

    Mystic: Ish

    PP: Hanak0me

    DS: ~ Nykey13

    SS: none

    AM: me myself and i and Yumei maybe

    DM: Rain³

    Gunner: ~ none

    GM: Alluka , nad you show them ;o

    Sam : need to see more

    Chro: need to see more