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    i want also to add, that in at least one of those 3 big inflation periods on the french server, the number of active farming groups actually went down , and you could prove that further beyond what i observed by checking the "palmares", i don't know what it's called on the US server, but it's the scoreboard where you could see the ranking of players based on their participation in events, in dungeons, in quests etc, and you could see the points accumulated by killing dungeon's bosses, and based on that you could see that the farming went down by a huge margin while the inflation hit its peek, so that's how i actually arrived to the conclusion that it's not the gold generated IG that made the difference in inflation periods.

    you miss the point, but to make things clear, i don't have access to aeria statistics, but there is no wishful thinking involved, i can tell you where i'm getting this from, i'm a very active member of the french community, and the problem started when a certain website became very known in here a few years back, a lot of players were admitting openly in private groups on facebook and on discord that they were buying from it, most of these players were those who before then, used to buy aeria points, and it's very easy to assess this.

    in the soon to be 10 years that the french server existed, we had a limit on mission orders for about a month or so in 2014 or 2015 i can't rememver anymore. but the problem only was visible 3 times, the first time there was some bug in the game that a few players abused to generate gold, it was back in 2012 i think, the second time was 3 years ago, when a certain website was selling gold for very cheap and that was when everybody started buying from it and people were admitting to that left and right (you could also see the number of GM wish drop drastically at that time on our server, you couldn't find one to save your life), then something happend, and the site didn't have its source of gold anymore i supposed, so their price for gold increased 4 or 5 times, that was when prices in the game stabilized as more people bought AP than gold (as i said i know that from my community, we have private facebook groups, private discord servers etc, so almost everything is on the open), and when i say stabilized, the MClay droped from 1000 gold to 200-250 overnight, it in the span of a week or so and it was 2 and a half years ago, but recently that same website droped their prices to almost their initial very cheap price, and now most players buy from it directly, and you can see that by the prices of MClays that reached 800 gold and more right now because more gold was generated than items.

    So to make this short, i agree that we need a few gold sinks, and i myself don't farm, as i don't have the time for that, so no, i'm not opposed to limiting mission orders for any other reason than the fact that not much would change, at least on our server. as i said, as long as there is incentive to farm in order to sell the gold, and as long as people have an incentive to buy gold instead of items via AP, the problem would persist, the prices would maybe drop, but the ratios would be the same, and the difficulty level to get items would stay similar to now due the slim amount of items generated

    PS: i know i don't have any statistics i can give, only aeria has access to that, but what i see in the community is very representative, also, i knew a few guys who used to sell gold to websites/other players, so i had a rough estimate about the amount of gold being sold every month. and when the gold selling droped back then, you saw the amount of people on private groups trying to find someone to sell gold to them, and when they didn't they went on to buy APs, and you could see that too by them selling Mclays or other items.

    ofcourse not, but it's a bit more pbvious when it's you, both accounts would have a lot of common patterns in their logged history, the most obvious one being the ip adress, plus, when you don't sell gold, your trading and mailing history won't have huge amounts transfers to a bunch of random accountsevery few days, instead, it''ll have transfers to very few characters, mainly yours, and maybe even a few friends.

    i haven't read the whole thread, but reading a few of the first posts, i have a few things to add, the economy is bad not because of the gold generated, the real imbalance here is between gold generated vs items generated (via aeria points).

    what's causing this imbalance is mainly gold selling websites, because for one, a huge part of the community is buying from them instead of buying aeria points to generate items, and for two, those websites, and gold selling in general, gives incentive to players who have the time to farm or skill to make a bot, to abuse the mission orders way above what they need, now i'm not saying that mission orders wont be as farmed if the gold selling stoped, but i can assure you gold generated will drop by an insane amount because people who farm dungeons would want to enjoy the game at some points, especially when they have no incentive for farming obsene amounts of gold.

    Now i know what you're thinking, on your servers you saw the problem increase when they removed the limit, but i'm from the french server, and we never had any limit on mission orders (maybe for a very short time 3 years ago), and i can tell you for a fact that the problem of inflation only started when gold buying became the norm. i do agree with you that we need a few gold sinks, but here is the problem, if you put a limit on mission orders and make the gold amounts on the servers decrease drastically, while the people who normally would buy APs still would rather buy gold directly instead because they find it more appealing, you'd still have the same problem. the items certainly won't be as expensive as now, but they would still be too expensive for the amounts of gold circling around, you wouldn't have solved the problem, you'd only have changed the scale of it all, but all the ratios would stay the same.

    If you want to fix the economy, you need to take the botting issue and the gold selling more seriously, as long as aeria doesn't do much about that, any other steps taken would be pointless in the long run. we need a crackdown on dubious transfers of huge amounts of gold, and maybe GMs could try to buy from a few gold sellers so they can have a few leads, and investigate further how they get their gold, who they get it from, what are all there characters/accounts/ips/patterns.