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    ve linked you the part of the video which covers the relation of AP Card value to influx of gold on the server.

    you talking abut AP as item as sample you didnt talk abut it as reson

    omg dont twist things the most of the vido and the posts and talking abut FD AND dunguns and economy so you want me to ignore everything and focas on that Little 1 mint ???

    You can believe it's because I've got nothing else to say if you want to, but that seems rather odd coming from someone who spent time making a 4 and a half minute video and a very lengthy thread explaining the causes and effects.

    i love the post and i thank for making it we waited long for someone to make such move so we can talk abut it and the vido is grate ( tho i think its talking abut the Wrong reson ) its still grate effort and thanks for that

    The reason I'm limiting my responses to you is because I don't wish to waste my time explaining things to somebody who is not willing to sit down and read the information.

    The reason you limiting your responses is i hammerd everything you say and you got no response to that its not my problem its yours fix it

    i give exsamples

    i give facts of things has happen

    and all been agnored becose thay true

    and you just wana force others to agree with you to make dunguns FD


    if that bothering you so much and destroying your plans

    cya -GL :thumbup:in add FD

    but at the end nothing goin change as long as items are rear

    Kill The Rear Elimint

    I'm not going to continue communication with someone who is not willing to read the provided information before taking the time to make a response

    i saw the vido 2 times btw i didnt see AP in it its just talking abut economy in genral

    I'm not going to continue communication with you ether becose its seems that you are tryint to Ignore everything everyone saying and force your opinon on others

    many posted tryint to explane that dunguns is not the reson -- FD is not the reson get in your head pls

    and if you take your time go to the game and ask seller of any items why so high

    thay goin say the folloing annsurs

    its hard to get

    its rear

    or becose other selling like that

    dont dont go around saying that

    I'm not going to continue communication with someone who is not willing to read the provided information

    when your response geting limited and you got nothing eals to say

    like i said b4 im here from the day this game open doors

    i dont need graph or vidos big words to make simple person to see the big pic

    why templers stone sell so hgih

    becose its rear and few only have it its sell for 2k clay

    what the hell have to do with FD


    Kill The Rear Elimint

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    Okay, so if it's not the reason, I'd love to hear your explanation as to why the rise in the price of AP Cards is in direct correlation with the removal of Mission Order Limits and Final Destination, as shown by this graph

    ohohoho we talking abut AP naw things geting intrsting .

    simpl 2 resons

    1. AP stoped selling ingame

    2. GM wish selling higher Becose title become wished

    and by what i see in the Graph you made at that time 23/3/2015 we got many problems in servers and many things add like Roll backs - server crashes - players quiting the game and Server Merges etc other resons making the server unstable

    that get us to the point of rear items too

    few ap sellers mean thay cntroll the ap price thay can rise and lower as thay like becose thay have that power ( having somthing no one eals have ) ( selling ap )

    and that lead us to stop selling ap in game

    that lead us to GM wish price rised little becose naw thay start using the ap that shod be sold and selling it as gm wish + title at that time gm wish was still around 80-100k

    then thay remove titles from wish and make TITLES wised thing like item

    that lower the profit for gm wish sellers so thay decided to rise the all thing and gm wish prise rise agine

    from 80-100 to 150-200k -250k

    then from there every item also start to rise becose many other things

    drop rate

    table rate

    i dont wana say bad items but what i mean items players dont use much in dailly days ( rearlly use items ) dont make much profit

    so that lead to everything rise agine

    and if you talking abut AP card in Real life

    everything in real life rising naw days everywher Economy is bad for wars and other stuff

    so we goin around and around and come back to the same point rear item

    i talk in game with almost 30e person in gam thay all think the same and without me saying it thay say it befor me

    player that the chancess of that

    1 person got item and 100000 dont

    that 1 person goin control the price of the item

    but when

    50000 person got item and 50000 person dont

    pricess goin be dicint or low

    like i say the more rear the item the higher it gos


    Kill The Rear Elimint

    i undrstand what you mean Totally but you dont undrstand me what im saying the resons of rising pricess in not


    its the

    Rear Elimints

    or lets say rear items

    i undrstand your theory but its not the reson

    like i say even if you close dunguns forever it wont force me to sell items low

    becose i dont care how you get your gold my rear item i wont sell it low i wana make profit for the max i can get befor it becose avalable and everyone have it and its price drop

    and we got items that everyone need but i think thay still cheep

    like thos normal nuclss thay didnt get effected by the bad economy price risess becose most ppl have it so its pricess are decint start from 2k for lowest and 25-40 for the highest depand on the tybe but when you comper it to Glactic nuclss most hardest rear item 2k clay the defrinc is big

    AND im say it agine

    Inflation not the reson

    rear items and low rates IS THE Reson

    Kill the Rear Elimints

    all what i mean MR.Dark is FD not the reson even if you close the dunguns there other ways to get gold such as

    selling lvl


    selling mats

    selling drops


    scaming ===sorry to add that but its way of geting gold

    selling Wishes

    using Ap

    and the list is way to long abut the mithods of geting gold

    so FD alone wont solve the problem

    and you cant block all the ways of earning gold in game to just make it AP use

    i gived you exsable up and naw im give you somthing that happen in game really

    m-alchmy was 800g but after Glactic nuclss its rise to 1k++

    why do you think that happen

    its just becose most players want it and rear item and table like that dont come alot so clay sellers found it as chance to make profit and rise there pricess becose thay knew everyone goin buy or lose there chance

    but if that item was in every month table or every 2 month tabe i dont think the effect or the damg will be that big becose if i dont get it this month its ok im get it next month

    that just 1 item

    few days ago another thing happen we got x3 xp for 1 day mybe less than day

    100% charm rised from 350 to 850g becose everyone in rush to grind to lvl and there isnt much charms in AH or trade chat few ppl have it and thay start to make mony from rising there price

    that is another item

    im not talking abut conspiracy or plaming anyone

    the only way to force ppl to sell cheep is by lowering the items pricess

    and lowering the run chancess wont lower the pricess becose dosnt mater if you have gold or not if my item rear and you wanted its goin be sold to you high where do you get gold the sellers wont care much

    i hoppe i explane my point in good way with my poor english and i hoppe that i didnt offiend anyone i was just tryint to help

    and im still saying

    Kill the Rear Elimints

    So to clarify: Although the gold has been shown to come from Mission Orders, as pointed in the video, you think the main reasons for gold inflation are because over time, things have become more scarce, that there is a conspiracy that every player in the game is deliberately over-charging or over-paying for items, and that the solution to this is to also inflate the supply of items using Magic Alchemy Tables?

    conspiracy :rolleyes: i didnt say that

    its just everyone wana earn more and more and the more item become rear and many need it the higher its sell

    Adding Fd to dunguns wont change things much mybe wont change it at all as long as we got items that show 1 time every month and few only get it

    for exsamble if player have stone that he feel everyone need and got 10-20 wisper the moment you link the stone the stone lets say cost 5k for exsamble
    the frist thing that player goin do is C/O in trade chat

    and thos who need it so bad goin start rising little by little and it go over the price it was 5k lets say 8k

    then by chance other player saw it sold for 8k he start selling 8k and the price stuck

    been in grand fantasia for 7 years fd been removed and got back and removed agine

    and i granted you this the only times price of items and clays go dawn is when rate on tables was good

    its even in real life when things become hard to get price gos up and when its easy to get its gos dawn

    it dosnt need math amd maps and vidos for normal ordnary person like me to undrstand that

    conspiracy : no its not

    its the way humans act

    i agree that the price of things are start to be crazy on game but i dont think the reson is questing or dunguns and thos things you just say

    the main resons is

    1. rearty of items

    as long as drop rate in tables and items in game is low the items goin be so rear means few players only have it and more players need it and that get us to the point when we C/O ( Corrint offer ) the them and its keep rising so for the item to be low price drop rate in game must be fix

    2. Tables we spind to much Clays on table to get items that sell for lower pricess and you get 1-2 items that have good price and mybe not in some casess so that get us back to point 1 things become rear and the losess are grate so to get some of the losess back items sell high so to fix this we must have decint tabls with decint items with decint rate so the items price drop

    ( when many have the items thay need that lead to lowering items price and that lead to lowering Clay pricsess to

    3. the last thing is the help of the players them self and its the hardest part thay shod not buy from someone who sell overprice this and force him to keep his items or lower it and that part required help from all servers memers thay work as team

    but as long as some have gold or clay and thay dont care much abut the economy thay just wana buy fast to power up fast leading to destroying anything eals becose price stick in this server fast espically when its riseing but hard to lower it back

    so basiclly in my opinion to lower pricess in game we need the help everyone even GF team to flood the game with items and Kill the rear Elemints in it

    last sorry for my poor english Languge